Employee Asset Misuse

Although every organization is aware of the threat of outright asset theft from the organization, many also face rampant asset misuse at the hands of employees and contractors. Ranging from use of a company vehicle for personal recreation use, using the entire facility to create competing counterfeit goods, employee asset misuse is a serious problem that can threaten any organization. This is particularly true when left unchecked and an informal sense arises that indicates that this is an acceptable practice for the entire workforce.

In today’s environment, management and/or ownership are unable to cost effectively monitor all company assets and personnel continuously. This situation is exacerbated when management is busy, on weekends and after hours. In situations where company assets are used offsite, they can easily be taken home and used at will. Employees, particularly those looking for an opportunity to make money on the side, quickly learn where opportunities to misuse company assets exist. The repercussions can be devastating.

Additional concerns stemming for leaving employee asset misuse unchecked includes an acceleration of depreciation to the asset. Things like work vehicles, heavy equipment and specialized tools can quickly become worthless when used excessively. When the equipment used bears your company logo and are being used on non-work related projects,it hurts your reputation.

One of the most important considerations when deciding how to handle potential employee asset misuse is the secondary effect that an independent investigation will have in helping to prevent future misuse of assets. When a competent outside investigative team is brought in to address this type of asset abuse, it not only helps to root out the current offenders, it also sends a strong massage to the entire workforce that this type of behavior will not go unchecked, making the likelihood of future problems greatly reduced,

Our investigative team has extensive experience in designing customized employee asset misuse investigations that uncover evidence of the offending behaviors for termination, prosecution and deterrence of future events.