Hollywod and Private Investigators

The definition of a private investigator is a person who undertakes investigations for a private citizen. Private investigators are also known as PIs, private eyes, sleuths, and detectives. Today we get most of our information about what private investigators do from television, movies, and books. The most well known of these television PIs is Sherlock Holmes. The fictional PI, Sherlock Holmes, was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th century. Like the real private investigators we know of today Holmes is famous for using his logic and observation to solve his many cases. Like some real PIs of today Holmes disguised himself in order to help solve his cases. Some of the many cases Holmes include infidelity, robbery, and missing persons which, are like some cases that the real private investigators of today investigate. Today, some still confuse Holmes as a real PI from the past which gives us much insight on what we view as a private investigator.

Another well known television private investigator is Thomas Magnum from the series Magnum, P.I.. From watching Magnum PI many got the impression that private investigators lived the high life because of his lavish beach house, great car, and all of the beautiful women he came in contact with. Like Holmes’ cases Magnum, P.I.’s are also somewhat related to cases solved by today’s private investigators including missing persons, stalkers, and infidelity.

Sam Spade is another famous fictional private investigator. Spade became a popular PI from the novel The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett which later was made into a popular movie. Like many other fictional private investigators investigates a missing person, which also leads to theft.

The fictional private investigators from the past and present all show us a different perspective of the private investigators of today. We learn many things from the cases the fictional PIs solved which are related to things that are important to us. Books, television, and movies are all big influences on what we use in real life. By watching and reading about private investigators we learn their purpose and their value to us. Fictional private investigators have made it possible for others to pursue it for a career and help people out by solving these problems like finding a missing person, cheating spouses, and fraud along with many other problems.

Although most P.I.s are a far cry from these television and movie characters, we too enjoy them and their adventures.

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