4 Best Practices of Employee Background Checks

background check detroit private investigatorHiring the right job candidate can be tricky, time-consuming, and expensive business, especially if you’re too lenient or in a rush. According to national research, almost 80% of job candidates flat-out lie on their resumes or applications, and more than 60% claim master skills in subjects of which they barely have basic knowledge. Moreover, two-thirds of hiring managers admit to not caring or hiring even when they do know even significant lies are present. That can lead to bad hires that can cause a strong or stable business to crumble to the ground. Fortunately, the right background check can help. But what are the best practices of employee background checks?

Get Written Permission From All Applicants

Background checks aren’t just used to confirm the hiring manager’s opinion for the best candidate. They’re opportunities to let the law help you make the best decision. But that means you have to follow a tight set of rules. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, all applicants must give written permission for the background checks and the employer or interviewer must disclose that the resulting information will be used to help make the final hiring decision.

Know Exactly What Type of Screenings You Need

Different job positions call for different levels of verification and clearance. The right background check can get all the pertinent information your company needs without diving down a time-consuming and potentially expensive rabbit hole. Level 3 background checks are the most common option since they cover the basics, including previous employment, reference checks, drug screening if necessary, and criminal checks. However, a government or executive job may require more intense screening.

Evaluate Criminal Activity by Case and Allow Applicants to Explain Negative Activity

Mistakes happen in life, and simple ones shouldn’t keep someone from making a decent living, especially if they’re otherwise right for the position. The Ban the Box movement has moved quickly across the nation to help remove the stigma of criminal activity by ensuring the criminal past box is removed on applications. It hasn’t made its way across Michigan yet, however, so employers should use their own common sense regarding past criminal activity. In other words, there’s a huge difference between petty theft and manslaughter, and if a candidate’s past won’t affect their job it may be more beneficial to not hold it against them.

Call In the Professionals

A variety of mistakes can easily occur while performing employee background checks. Forgetting to get permission in writing, not being consistent in your screenings, overlooking lies or fabrications that can affect job performance, and being too critical on unimportant matters can all lead to an expensive turnover or even legal ramifications. Undertrained or overwhelmed HR staff can also allow their personal opinions and judgments to take over. When it comes to gender, sexual preference, political or religious affiliations, or race, that can flatten your business in an instant. Avoid the trouble and call in the pros. The right Michigan private investigator can perform the right background check legally and without any personal interference every time so you can focus on growing your business.


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