4 Reasons Lawyers Hire Private Investigators

lawyers hire private investigatorsInformation is power, and that’s been the guiding force of the legal system since The Judiciary System was established in 1789. That system focused on the government overseeing state laws, but lawyers worked diligently to win their clients’ cases long before that system was set in motion. While defenders always focused on their clients to win cases, modern lawyers tend to work smarter rather than harder… and that often includes outsourcing services offered by Pis. But why do lawyers hire private investigators?

To Find Witnesses and Evidence

Time is money in the legal field. And unless a client is flush with cash, they usually want their case handled as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The case clock starts as soon as a client signs the contract and pays the lawyer their retainer fee. However, most of the work a lawyer actually does involves paperwork and following the detailed court or judge-related guidelines. They rarely have the time or resources to find essential witnesses and detailed evidence that can secure the case. Therefore, a lawyer or legal team will often outsource a private investigator to find secure the details, witnesses, and often surveillance necessary to win the case and keep the client happy.

Review Police Reports and Other Documents

Simple mistakes or oversights can quickly lose a case or cost a client extra money in extended case time. Private investigators are pros at maintaining impartiality while scrutinizing police reports, legal documents, and other paperwork for specific names, dates, times, and incidents that may be overlooked by a lawyer but wind up as critical evidence. The extra review isn’t always needed. But in important or complicated cases, it’s always best to have an extra set of eyes.

Uncover and Collect Digital Evidence

Lawyers have access to computers and tech devices, but they’re usually not skilled in retrieving sensitive data from those items. Private investigators, however, train extensively in data retrieval. The right PI may be able to access and retrieve deleted files, bank records, browsing history, phone logs, photos, emails, text messages, and online activity. This is helpful when running background checks, but it’s also beneficial in other aspects of legal investigations and cases. A PI can also cover a client’s tracks when they attempt to recover or delete information themselves. That action alone can help a client avoid further unintended legal trouble and help their lawyer avoid extra headaches.

To Save Money

Legal fees for working on a challenging or extensive case can become excessive, and lawyers itemize all charges from document filings to client phone calls. Most clients look for deals or price breaks along the way, especially when their potential case hits a snag or two. When cost becomes a factor, a good lawyer will often hire a private investigator or investigation team to handle intricate details of the case and find specific facts or evidence while the lawyer works on administrative issues. A lawyer is usually still needed to ensure the case is filed and presented in court. But a savvy lawyer can often get between six and ten hours of services offered by PIs for the price of a couple of hours of the lawyer’s time. Is it any wonder good private investigators are in such high demand?


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