6 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator to Locate Someone

Private Investigator to Locate SomeoneAccording to USA Today, approximately 90,000 Americans are missing at any given point. While it’s every parent’s worse nightmare to lose track of their kids, more adults actually go missing than children. Tech devices, apps, and even locator sites online can help find someone who isn’t going through hoops not to be found or who isn’t in trouble. However, finding someone who doesn’t want to be found can require some extra assistance. But what are some reasons you should hire a Michigan private investigator to locate someone?

A Private Investigator Can Investigate Multiple Types of Missing Persons Cases
A person can go missing for any reason, and quite often it’s a personal decision. The authorities will look seriously into missing persons cases, especially those that involve children. But a client may realize their child, spouse, friend, or family member is missing, has run off, or skipped town and want or need to find them as soon as possible. The right private investigator can focus on locating persons for any reason.

A Private Investigator Can Skip Trace and Locate Cold Cases
Once the authorities feel there’s not enough evidence for a case to be solved, it gets buried and becomes a cold case. It can take years for that case to be resurrected if it’s ever touched again. A private investigator can “skiptrace” which involves using several methods of locating someone who can’t or doesn’t want to be found.

A Private Investigator Can Cross State and Country Borders  
Local police have to follow specific protocol that allow them to send inquiries regarding missing persons to other states. But they’re not usually able to follow those leads personally. That’s not the case with a Michigan private investigator. In most cases, they can follow specific leads regardless of where they take the investigation.

A Private Investigator Works in Real-Time and Can Implement Extra Resources
There are countless search sites for finding someone online and Google alone handles nearly 2.5 trillion searches a year. If you’re just relying on the internet or potentially outdated database searches, however, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to locate the person you’re looking for. A private investigator can work in real-time without a set schedule and access extra resources not available to the public.

A Private Investigator May Be Able to Blend In Easier Than Local Authorities
Clients may feel more comfortable discussing their case and concerns with a professional private investigator than local authorities. Moreover, potential witnesses and other helpers may feel far more willing to disclose details to someone out of uniform. It’s often easier for a PI to blend in and gain trust, thereby getting closer to their client’s ultimate goal of locating persons or even finding someone who doesn’t want to be found.

A Private Investigator Reports the Actual Truth to Their Client
There are many reasons why a person can go missing and there’s never a need to postpone reporting their disappearance if you fear for their safety. However, while the authorities will accept the report, they may wait to start their investigation–depending on how serious they feel the situation really is or how many cases they already have. The police also will not report their findings on the whereabouts of a person if they don’t want to be found.

A Michigan private investigator works directly for their client. They don’t have bureaucratic roadblocks or red tape holding them back from finding and disclosing the evidence. You may not like the final outcome, but it’s a PI’s job to find the truth. Give us a call to help you get the answers or clarity you need.



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