5 Reasons to Get a Background Check

It’s easy to run a background check get a background checkthrough an online service – they’re fast, affordable, and promise results. But they are often incorrect, not at all thorough, and out of date. The only way to get a complete background check is to go through a certified private investigator who has the tools and resources to dig up the information you need to know. Here are five reasons to get a background check.

  1. You’re dating someone new.

You must watch your back in the dating game. Even though someone may profess to be who they say they are, that isn’t always the case. Common online dating problems include gold digging, catfishing, cheating, and criminals – and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of these, especially with a person you thought you could potentially love. A professional online dating investigation can be limited to a background check or go more deeply into a person’s lifestyle and past.

  1. You’re renting out your property.

If you’re new to being a landlord, renting out your property may seem easy at first. The ad goes live, you get applicants, they visit and gush about how great the place is, you think you’ve got this in the bag. Maybe you do. But a background check will show you if they have judgments against them, are a deadbeat dad, or do not pay their rent where they live now. Protect your wallet by investing in a thorough check into a potential renter’s past.

  1. You need to learn more about a contest winner.

When you are running a contest that anyone can enter, the person who wins could be anyone too – and if you’re not careful, they could have a sordid past that you do not want associated with your brand or business. If part of your plan is to publicize your contest winner and use them in advertisements, you need to know if they are a felon, sex offender, or unemployed. A professional background check protects your company from unsavory characters and bad press.

  1. You’re taking on a new client.

Sure, attorneys are happy to have a new client, but some are a more worthwhile use of your time and energy. The best way to know for sure is with a background check. Your paralegal or assistant can do basic research in a database, but these general details won’t paint the real picture of your potential client. A private investigator will get the real details about their record, payment history, name changes, criminal history, work history, and whether they’re worth the trouble.

  1. You’re considering a new daycare.

When your children are involved, a background check is a no-brainer. If you’re considering a new daycare facility, your kids will come in contact with caretakers of various backgrounds and levels of experience. Who will really be changing your child’s diaper, feeding him, teaching him, and setting an example for him? Get all the information you need to protect your child.

Contact ASG Investigations for Background Checks

Need to know more about a new person in your orbit? Contact ASG Investigations to hire an experienced professional investigator to conduct a thorough, discreet background check. Get all the information you need to make the right decisions and get that all-important peace of mind.


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