4 Reasons You Need a Background Check for Your COVID Caregiver

caregiver background checkCOVID has changed the lives of millions of Americans, and “normalcy” may not return for quite a while. Being forced to return to work or isolate from loved ones can create an instant and often unexpected need for a caregiver. Whether you’re dealing with sudden child care or elderly care assistance, you’ll definitely need the right person or team for the job. And with approximately 53 million professional adult caregivers nationwide, there are plenty of options for your needs. But why is a caregiver background check so important?

Personal and Social Behavior

Personal and social behavior can be completely different than professional behavior. Unfortunately, poor social habits can leak into professional routines especially those involving stressful situations. That’s the last thing most people want around their children or older loved ones. While most background checks often avoid or dig lightly at best into social media accounts, a caregiver background check may pay more attention to the finer details behind the scenes. And that will give a lot more information about who you’re inviting into your home and life.

Professional Experience

The professional needs of a caregiver vary depending on the ages and specific needs of those under care requirements. Professional experience is a must to handle all the personal duties without causing mental or physical harm. Approximately 10% of senior citizens are abused in some way annually, and fewer than one case in 14 are reported. While many of those instances are self-inflicted or due to close relations, hiring a caregiver with limited or the wrong experience can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering during what should be their golden years.

Criminal Activity

The media likes to scare viewers with huge claims of 800,000 missing children being reported annually. That’s a gross fabrication as around half that amount went “missing” in 2019, and most of those were temporary runaways. Nonetheless, a single missing child is one too many, and no doting parent wants to trust a stranger with their children if that individual has a criminal past.

A caregiver’s past mistakes do not necessarily mean they’re the wrong solution for the care of your kids or loved ones. But seeing a criminal activity flag on a typical background check can have you tossing out the possibilities before diving into the facts. The story behind the mark means a lot more than the mark itself, and that is what the right Michigan private investigator can uncover.

Overall Honesty and Integrity

An application, resume, and even personal interview can say a lot about a potential employee. However, when it comes to the physical care of someone you love, you need to be able to trust more than verbal and written promises. If they’re determined to cover or hide their past, there’s often a good reason for it. Unfortunately, that can pose a serious health or safety risk to those in need of the care. A professional caregiver background check can dive in deeper to discover secrets and past issues the person isn’t necessarily disclosing. When you’re ready to take the next step to find the perfect caregiver, give us a call to be connected to the right Michigan private investigator.




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