Finding a Birth Parent with a Private Investigator

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Approximately 140,000 children are adopted annually for a total of 1.5 million adopted kids nationwide. That averages to about one in every 50 children living with an adopted parent or family unit. Around 90% of those children have positive relationships with their adoptive parents, so it’s clear adoption does not have the taboo tags of yesteryear. However, there are still a number of reasons adult adoptive people may want or need to find their birth parent sometime during their life. Private investigation may be the right solution, but what do you need to know about finding a birth parent with a private investigator?

Free Resources Can Help Save You Time and Money Before Enlisting Professional Help

Most adopted people have a psychological “need” to know about their biological parenthood or bloodline. If you have a good and loving relationship with your adopted parents, they’ve probably expected to have that discussion at some point. You know your situation and adoptive family better than anyone, so approach that first if the option is available. You can also ask close family friends and extended family who may provide more insight. Past photos, documents, and social media searches can be combined to get a good head start before paying for professional private investigation.

You’ll Need to Have Your Reasons for Finding Your Birth Parent Set and Straight

Reasons for finding birth parents vary, but chances are those parents will want and need to know why you’re suddenly trying to reach them. Setting out with a pure heart is, of course, the best way to ensure they’ll be as open to meeting with you. Adoption often carries a lifetime of guilt on the birth parent’s end, so consider and accept your reasons before diving into the process.

You Will Need to Provide Some Information

Even if you think you have no clue where to begin, chances are you have enough information to get started. An effective private investigation can begin with your adoption papers, names of one or both of your birth parents, approximate age of your birth parents, and even other information such as social media contacts who may be related or otherwise know them.

Avoid Google Ads and Paid Sites, and Let The Pros Take Over to Get the Best Results

Google hosts over 2 million websites and displays hundreds of millions of ads for every purpose and need under the sun. But unless you know exactly what you’re doing, searching for solutions to finding a birth parent can lead to an endless rabbit hole and countless dead ends. Paying for information online is a crapshoot that’s likely to drain your finances right along with your sanity. A Michigan private investigator can incorporate the right balance of surveillance, skip tracing, interviews, background checks, and research while following the statewide laws and mandates to get you the information you need as quickly and affordably as possible. When you’re ready to find your birth parent, give your Michigan private investigator a call to start your private investigation.


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