External Threats

External Threats Street danger

External threats to you or your family.

A wide variety of circumstance can bring about problems outside of work and home. People looking to take advantage of us or those who seek to menace or harm us is one of the most frightening experiences you are likely to have. Often most unsettling part of this experience is not knowing who this person really is and what they may actually be capable of. When this situations arise, it is imperative that you know that you have someone who can stand with you in your corner and help.

At ASG, we over many years, have handled a wide variety of cases involving threatening conduct by some unrelated person. We have had excellent success in helping to identify the person, document the conduct and uncover their background and prior misdeeds. That knowledge alone has helped to protect many clients. In other situations, we can help facilitate formal intervention via the courts and law enforcement.

Because each situation is unique, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific situation. The call is strictly confidential and we would be happy to help you understand how we be of assistance.

Case Example

A family owns a vacation property that is primarily used only in the summer time. After years of ownership without any problems, the house was broken into repeatedly after each of their visits. Law enforcement was ineffective in stopping the events. After an alarm was installed, the perpetrator continually set the alarm off multiple times each week and would enter the home briefly despite the alarm. Cameras were also installed which revealed that it was a male wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, but he could not be identified at any point. The client was so disturbed that they were almost ready to sell the property, but hoped not to since it had been in the family for two generations.

ASG was asked to help. Our team was able to help the client to see that it appeared the intruder was more focused on the bedroom of one of the older daughter’s than on anything else. We then conducted interviews with neighbors and locals who were well connected within the community. That information revealed a particular younger adult male was known to have an attraction to the client’s daughter and it was learned that she had rejected his request for a date the prior summer. We also located a social media account that this man used which had derogatory comments about the girl on it. We were able to liaison with law enforcement, who was allowed access to his room by his parents and some stolen property was discovered. The man was prosecuted and restrained form contact with the family.