Prominent Clients Private Investigative Services

Prominent Clients Private Investigative Services
Prominent Clients Private Investigative Services

High-profile clients in need of a private investigator require discretion, finesse, and efficiency. You face exceptional challenges given your prominence, whether you are a public figure, celebrity, politician, or particularly notable member of your community. Confidentiality in all matters is paramount for you, and ASG delivers this and more in our private investigations for prominent clients.

Why Prominent Clients Hire Private Investigators

There are many reasons a prominent client may need private investigative assistance. In some cases, the situation may not be all that complicated, but asking questions or seeking information will be far more noticeable when coming from a well-known person or even one of your friends or handlers.

In the hands of an experienced investigator, your private matter will be handled thoroughly and without limitations. The roadblocks you are likely to encounter on your own will be far easier for an expert to break through with extensive resources, databases, surveillance expertise, and more.

Common reasons prominent clients hire private investigators include:

  • Suspicion of infidelity: When you suspect you are being cheated on, chances are that tabloids and gossips will claim they can give you the scoop. But their information is not always reliable, no matter how damning grainy photographic evidence may be. Infidelity investigations are tricky matters that you will have difficulty confirming on your own. Having a recognizable face or name will make it nearly impossible for you to do the kind of undercover work necessary to get the proof you need. Private investigators bridge that gap.
  • Wrongfully accused of a crime: If a well-known person is anywhere near a crime, it is far more interesting for reporters to try to wrap that person up into the crime. Perhaps you are associated with an unfortunate crew of people. Maybe you have a checkered past that is clouding others’ opinions of you and allowing them to rush to judgment. However, if you legally find yourself in a predicament where you are being wrongfully accused of a crime you did not commit, you need the help of a private investigator who is completely on your side and helping you establish the solid proof that you did nothing wrong, while at the same time helping identify the person who did.
  • Extortion: It is not unusual for high-profile clients to find themselves being blackmailed by enterprising fans or foes. These individuals may attempt to carry out their crimes anonymously, but private investigators have the resources to unearth the characters who are behind extortion attempts and save you, your bank account, your family, and your reputation.
  • Civil matters: You didn’t do what someone said you should. Or they didn’t do what you said they should. Contracts have been signed, or they haven’t. Bottom line – you’re being sued in a civil case either personally or professionally. And you need proof to help argue your case. Your attorney may reach out to a private investigator to collect necessary details – but you also have the option to hire your own private investigator.
  • Child custody issues: When you are a prominent figure and have children, a divorce and child custody issues can further complicate what is already a rather complicated life. Your former spouse or partner may be keeping your children from you, or you may be the person who is doing everything you can to keep your children away from your former unstable partner. The matter may involve needing proof that your ex is sloughing your children off to a nanny instead of spending time with them, or introducing them to unsavory people or current temporary partners when this is a situation you have not prepared them to handle.
  • Divorce matters: If you’re in the throes of a divorce, there are multiple reasons you, as a prominent client, may need proof of your soon-to-be ex’s behavior to bolster your case before you get to divorce court. Perhaps you need hard evidence showing infidelity, gambling, addiction, or other unsavory behaviors. Maybe you’re not getting paid the alimony you are owed. You may need assistance with asset discovery if you are certain that your mingled assets (and even your prenup) were not completely thorough and transparent. Bottom line: If you’re a high-profile client and going through a divorce, a private investigator can be your best friend and finest asset.

Confidentiality Above All

Private investigator for prominent clients are not in the position of judging you for your name, occupation, or current complication. We are simply here to aid you in a professional manner, collecting evidence in whatever situation you need it. Whether you are seeking peace of mind, require solid physical proof of an act, or otherwise, the private investigators at ASG are prepared to help you – and we will do it all confidentially.

Our expert investigators know that you require tact, great care, and an investigation that is completely confidential from start to finish. It is not easy to trust a stranger with your very personal matter, especially when a revelation about your concerns going public could be career-ending or forever tarnish your reputation.

At ASG, your case is assigned to one of our prominent client service specialists who will treat all matters with the utmost discretion. We promise this service to all our clients – and you can trust that the same professional promises of strict confidentiality and anonymity hold true for high-profile clients.

ASG has had the privilege of serving some of the nation’s highest-profile individuals. From professional athletes to actors, business leaders to wealthy families, we are here to serve you and help you in your time of need. Contact ASG Investigations to discuss your prominent clients private investigative services.