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Undisclosed or hidden assets are unfortunately common in a divorce, especially if one party is more well off than the other. This means divorce asset searches in many cases are not only beneficial but can become a necessity. The start of a divorce is the best time to hire a private investigator to conduct a hidden assets search as a pre-discovery tool. Asset searches in divorce cases are beneficial pre-litigation, during litigation, and even post-litigation, especially when matters of child support and spousal support are on the table. Asset searches are useful at any time during the divorce process; however, knowing and having answers before can save headaches further down the line.

ASG serves divorce attorneys, divorcing couples, and divorce mediators in their efforts to verify, locate, or uncover assets. In the hands of our experienced investigators, unreported or hidden assets will not go undiscovered. Divorce attorneys need a dependable source who can deliver fast, accurate, and reliable information to benefit their clients—something we have been doing for years and will continue to do for years to come.

Asset Searches in Divorces Can Uncover Surprises

When a couple, or at least one half of a couple, has plans to divorce, it should come as no surprise to learn that assets are shifted around quite often, sometimes without one party’s knowledge. Even though someone may not want to share their money, what was once considered marital property is still marital property until the divorce is settled and possessions and assets are divvied up.

There are many places to hide assets, and many ways to cloak ownership of assets so that they cannot be found in a typical divorce discovery process. The mere threat of hidden asset searches in divorce are sometimes enough to get one party to be forthcoming about their holdings.

Asset searches in divorce cases carried out by a private investigator are more than comprehensive; they are most definitely not a database report. WE caution all clients, especially divorce attorneys in the mix of a conflictual divorce proceeding, that the $50 online asset searches are not comprehensive. A thorough asset search can provide you with verification of a person’s financial holdings, ensuring that there is no money left unaccounted for in a divorce proceeding. Keep in mind though that asset searches do not only uncover wealth or investments that one party may have, but also reveal whether they have outstanding liabilities or liens, or physical assets to collect on as well.

Collectible asset investigations performed by expert investigators

How Much Is Your Spouse Really Worth?

Throughout the years, we’ve worked with clients who have been caught completely off-guard to learn that their former partner has assets or debts of which they were completely unaware – and to which they are entitled to, or on the hook for, in the divorce process. Another complication is trying to uncover legitimate documentation of those assets. This is when professional help in the form of a private investigative team is necessary.

You can attempt your own asset search, and digging through file cabinets, safe deposit boxes, old bank statements, and old tax returns can yield some helpful information, but this research won’t give you everything. Assets you entrusted to your spouse alone at one point may have been “lost” along the way, or intentionally mishandled. Incomplete documentation suddenly becomes a problem. Or perhaps your spouse was the one who did the bill-paying in your marriage and handled all financial matters – you’re on the outs at the start of your divorce already, and incomplete knowledge of your marital finances is a precarious place to be.

Divorces are also complicated by estranged spouses opening a new solo checking account. Concealing assets just became a little bit easier for your former partner, but an experienced private investigator has mastered the complex process of asset searches in divorce. Divorce attorneys on the search for these hidden accounts can also benefit from having an asset search completed, identifying other ways to collect or obtain a favorable alimony judgment for their clients.

If you have any doubts about your former spouse being upfront about all his or her assets in your divorce, then hiring a private investigator can be just as important as hiring a reputable divorce attorney. Any question at all about their honesty and forthrightness qualifies as potential concealment, and that could come back to hurt you later in the divorce or, worse, after the divorce is final.

Why Choose ASG to Do Asset Search in Divorce Cases?

Divorce Asset searches take time, and they must be thorough if you don’t want to be responsible for your former spouse’s debt or discover that there were financial windfalls from which you should have benefited. Through methods such as surveillance and other field investigations, document collection and verification, analysis of vendor records and payments, our discretionary process of locating of a divorcee’s financial assets are compliant with federal regulations and privacy laws, while being incredibly helpful to scorned spouses.

Working with ASG ensures that you are partnered with professionals who understand how assets are moved, titled, deeded, and potentially hidden in Michigan, nationally, and internationally. From real estate to offshore bank accounts, collectibles to inheritances, Divorce asset searches cases can deliver some stunning results. Don’s wait until the heat of an ugly divorce to find out what you are entitled to—our experts know where to look to find even the most obscure assets. Contact ASG by phone or email to speak with one of our assets search specialists who can design an investigation to fit your needs (or your client’s) today!


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