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Collectible Asset Investigations

What are Collectible Assets?

Some people consider collectible assets a major part of their investment portfolio. For others, there is a set of family collectibles that have just as much sentimental as monetary value. While not everyone has collectible assets, and not everyone considers collectible assets a worthwhile investment, when you are owed money, or when you are in the throes of a divorce, assets can become a major player. Knowing that collectible assets exist, but discovering that they have suddenly disappeared warrants a collectible assets investigation by an experienced investigative team.

Trust an Expert Investigative Team to Carry Out an Asset Search

Types of Collectible Assets

A collectible asset is a physical asset that appreciates in value over time. They can also be qualified as a tangible asset, alternative investment, quiet wealth, or non-traditional asset. Whether it is a rare object or a greatly desired grouping of items, these are considered an excellent way to diversity an investment portfolio and can include:

  • Antiques
  • Baseball cards
  • Bonds
  • Coins
  • Comic books
  • Diamonds
  • Fine art
  • Gold
  • Jewelry
  • Paper currency
  • Stamps
  • Stocks
  • Textiles
  • Toys
  • Violins
  • Watches
  • Wine
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In many situations, a collectible can be worth much more than it appears because of how rare it is. Collectible assets are also not subject to changing interest rates and exist independently of fluctuating markets, which helps them maintain their value, particularly when the collectibles are in demand.

Collectible Asset Searches

Reasons to Conduct Asset Investigations

When assets are part of a family, couple, or business and litigation ensues, rifts occur, or there is a death, where the assets go and who they belong to will come into question. In many cases, assets “disappear.”

For example, if a couple is a divorcing, one half of the couple may not want their assets to be found so that their monetary value cannot be considered in the divorce settlement. Whether the items rightly belong to one-half of a couple or are part of the shared marital wealth may be up for debate, but hiding assets in a divorce case is a no-no and, in most cases, will eventually be found, especially if a private investigator is hired to dig up the missing items.

Perhaps there is a death in the family and there are assets left behind. While these items often pass quietly from one generation to the next without financial constraints or argument, there are some cases where the distribution of collectible assets is disputed. Even if a will exists, the way the items are divvied up could come into question. And, unfortunately, some of the assets may suspiciously go missing.

A private investigative team can be employed to locate assets that have disappeared. Quite often, collectible type assets are quickly sold and liquidated without permission of all relevant parties. The internet and online auction sites – general or niche – make it possible to unload collectible assets quickly. But there is always a trail, no matter how surreptitiously someone may attempt to act.

Collectible assets may also be made into fakes or forgeries if someone is attempting to conceal valuable assets from another person. Double-checking that the items you have in your possession or which have been legally deemed to be under your ownership have not actually been sold and are imitations is also a job that can be assigned to a meticulous Michigan-based private investigator.

Why Hire ASG for Your Assets Investigation?

Independent wealth is not necessary for a person to have collectible assets. However, volatile markets, threat of divorce, or personal financial troubles can force some people to cash in on their overall assets, without the permission of anyone else who has a stake in the collectible assets.

ASG private investigators have exclusive access to extensive resources that make it possible for us to uncover the location of missing, hidden, or recently sold assets. It is possible to detect collectible items that have been moved within the state of Michigan, or moved nationally or internationally. As a specialized investigation, the asset search for collectible assets requires great discretion and thorough research. Contact ASG today to discuss the collectible assets you need to find with one of our extensively trained private investigators.


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