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neighborhood canvasing to locate a witness or defendant

Locating Witnesses and Defendants Can Be Difficult

Although a seemingly simple task, many attorneys find locating witnesses and defendants to be extremely frustrating and time consuming. Even when equipped with paralegals and databases, finding where some actually lives (as opposed to the address their mail goes) is often beyond the skill set of an amateur. All too often, one turns to the trusted process server who reports that they “do skip tracing all the time”. The reality is, the majority of the time all that process server is using the same databases your team already tried, and likely has as much experience as you!

Locating Someone Requires a Professional

In our fast paced mobile society it is nearly impossible for someone lacking formal training to have any success locating witnesses and defendants. These difficult to locate subjects often “stay with” people rather than live with them long term, and may even work in different locations. Catching up with this segment of the population is challenging even for the dedicated professionals at ASG. Rest assured however, we have the training and investigative tools necessary to locate these tricky individuals.

locating someone requires a professional
Low income area make locating witnesses and defendants hard to track

Tough Crowd to Find

Another segment of the population of witnesses and defendants that proves challenging to locate are those in the lower socioeconomic strata. This group moves often and lacks many of the traditional attributes that help with locating people, like a credit history, real estate ownership or even government issued identification.

Locating Witnesses and Defendants Internationally

Locating people living outside of the US is also a particularly challenging endeavor for most. At ASG, we have the capability to find people living abroad and even to assist in getting proper service of process perfected on them. Our truly global network delivers results where others fail.

Locating witnesses and defendants internationally


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