Pre-Litigation Asset Search

Save Time and Resources with a Pre-Litigation Asset Search

Make smart and economical decisions with a pre-litigation asset search

Pre-Litigation Asset Search

Lawsuits take time and a great deal of preparation. Research must be done to prove your case and, most of all, confirm that the lawsuit is worth your while. Consider a Pre-Litigation Asset Search.  Your attorney will conduct discovery, and often turn to professional private investigators to bolster their intel. But before you even reach out to an attorney, you can pursue the same information by hiring an investigator independently to conduct a pre-litigation asset search. Arm yourself with the details you need to make the smart and economical decision about filing suit.

Pre-Litigation Asset Search Uncovers Assets and Liabilities

The last thing you want to do is file suit against someone and build up an impressive receipt of attorney’s fees only to discover that the person you are suing has nothing of value. You may think that the focus of your potential suit has plentiful liquid assets, but only a thorough asset search will make that determination. A professionally conducted search can also uncover hidden assets.

A pre-litigation asset search also offers a complete picture of the debts the person or entity may have, and where you would fall in a long line of people who are owed payment. These liabilities should absolutely inform whether you decide to pursue a lawsuit. If there is no money to be had, and money is what you seek, filing and winning a case would do nothing but prove a point, and have you owing attorney’s fees.

Information Gathered by a Pre-Litigation Asset Search

When a person knows that they are potentially facing down a lawsuit, they may very well attempt to move or conceal assets. A pre-litigation asset search can confirm, disprove, and unearth personal and business assets such as:

  • Homes
  • Motor vehicles
  • Boats or planes
  • A trust
  • Shell companies
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Brokerage and retirement accounts

Liabilities that can be uncovered by a pre-litigation asset search include:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Tax liens
  • Other civil litigation

Having this information in front of you can help you make the most informed decision about whether to file a suit, let your grievance go, or try to settle prior to filing a lawsuit.

Reasons to Pursue a Pre-Litigation Asset Search

Perhaps your pre-litigation asset search about the person or business you plan to sue uncovers significant assets. You may give your attorney the green light to pursue a case but, even if you win a sizable judgment, there is no guarantee that you will see a dime of what the court awards you.

People who hire a private investigator to conduct a pre-litigation asset search are seeking answers to the following questions about a person or business:

  • Are they collectible?
  • Can misappropriated funds be recovered?
  • Is there capital to support a loan?
  • Can assets be authenticated prior to a merger or acquisition?
  • Can funds be recuperated?
  • What are their tangible and intangible assets?

Why Hire ASG to Conduct a Pre-Litigation Asset Search?

During pre-litigation, your attorney needs information about the person or business you want to sue, and you need facts to make an educated decision about whether it is financially worth your while to pursue a lawsuit. The experienced private investigative team at ASG conducts customized pre-litigation asset searches. Whether you want minimal details or an exhaustive search, the work we do is conducted thoroughly and discreetly. Contact ASG to learn more about our pre-litigation asset searches in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Canton, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Grosse Pointe, Southfield, Sterling Heights, and beyond.