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Intellectual Property and patent investigations

Support Your Intellectual Property Case with Patent Investigations

Modern society is dependent upon digital technology. While this development has simplified many aspects of daily existence, the internet and all things technological have made it far easier for thievery to occur. Namely, theft in the form of patent infringement. For any inventor, idea-person, or brand, patent violations automatically signal a lawsuit. And the attorneys assigned to gather supporting evidence to bolster cases often make the wise choice to outsource patent investigations to experienced private investigators.

Patent Investigations for Intellectual Property Lawsuits

When attorneys represent clients who believe they are victims of intellectual property infringement, you know they want retribution, an apology, an admittance of guilt. They want their patents back, free and clear, and they do not want their business or source of income to be negatively affected in any way.

Patent infringement can have global reach, depending on the nature of a person’s work and the appeal of the patent. If the patent of an idea, product, name, or service is considered a hot commodity by individuals or competitors, there may be any number of copycats who will see how much leverage they can get out of someone else’s business success.

The internet is endless, and advanced technologies have fueled the misuse of patents. To ensure that patent laws are rightly enforced, and prove that underhanded behavior has occurred, requires meticulous research and the kind of evidence-gathering best entrusted to private investigators.

Patent law and patent investigations
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Private Investigations Conducted During Patent Lawsuits

As a patent investigation gets underway, private investigators hired by patent attorneys employ a variety of methods to gather the evidence necessary to prove that patent infringement has indeed occurred. These steps can include:

  • In-depth internet searches
  • Review of relevant databases
  • Computer forensics
  • Anonymous telephone calls and emails
  • Undercover surveillance
  • Witness interviews
  • Physical, on-site investigations
  • Photographic evidence
  • Acquisition of samples of suspected product

The Many Layers of Patent Investigations

Private investigators are trained to approach patent investigations from various angles and points of view. Knowing the motivation behind the intellectual property theft provides intelligence about the best way to conduct the patent investigation and acquire the information and evidence necessary to support a patent lawsuit.

Regardless of the field or the idea or product that has been copied, it is undoubtedly easier to steal or borrow than develop a brand-new concept – in fact, most new ideas are old ideas that have been improved upon. But when it comes to technology or medicine, it is hard to claim or prove an innovation as your own if it truly belongs to someone else. Competitors do not get far professionally by adopting this underhanded approach, especially when they’re faced with the digital forensics and investigative techniques of professionals.

“Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different.” ~ T.S. Eliot

Legal support from private investigators by conducting prelitigation asset searches

Why Hire ASG to Conduct Your Patent Investigations?

With the support of a private investigator, your patent case will be even stronger. The amount of information that our experts uncover in the unlawful use of patents make weak arguments hold weight, and give the litigators for patent-infringed individuals and companies ground to stand on when it comes to proving the origination of a concept.

Our ASG patent investigators are highly trained and prepared to conduct discreet searches, observe and confirm competitor activity, and surreptitiously question and research witnesses relevant to intellectual property cases. Our professional investigators are a critical legal resource for attorneys when it comes to establishing proof of patent infringement. Working directly with counsel, patent investigators uncover necessary information and boost the legal representation you offer your clients.

Every patent investigation is customized to your client’s needs. Contact the ASG team to discuss your need for a patent investigation specialist.


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