Intellectual Property Investigations

Intellectual Property InvestigationsIntellectual Property Investigations

Knowing that someone is stealing ideas is easy. Being able to prove that intellectual property (IP) is being infringed upon is distinctly different. Attorneys typically take the lead in directing their clients’ intellectual property disputes, but each case is unique. The approaches to handling an intellectual property investigation will vary, and the experienced team of investigators in ASG’s Complex Case Investigation Group are prepared to handle your matter accurately and within the confines of your chosen approach.

Why a Private Investigator Plays a Critical Role Intellectual Property Investigations

The intricacies and nuances demanded by an IP investigation must honor the legalities surrounding IP as well as gel with the work being conducted by law enforcement agencies. The quality of the details collected matters, but proper collection of evidence and information is essential.  Anyone can troll the web or check databases to hunt for information. Public resources are readily available for the taking. It’s the information that isn’t easy to find, however, that makes all the difference in an intellectual property investigation. You want a private investigative team that has a network of domestic and foreign specialists at their fingertips, providing exceptional reach and capability. You also want a team of professional investigators who understand how to conduct an IP investigation legally and thoroughly.

Types of Intellectual Property Investigations

When you represent a client who believes that he or she has been the victim of intellectual property infringement, the case isn’t always about financial compensation. Quite often, the person bringing the case wants the perpetrator to admit their guilt, to get retribution. The owner of the intellectual property also wants their information back without feeling the negative effects of the IP case on their reputation or bottom line.

Here are some of the most common IP investigations conducted by the experts at ASG:

  • Patent investigations. Clever copycats may take it upon themselves to leverage the business success of someone else by creating an offshoot of a brand, name, service, or product. This infringement can lead to a patent investigation and IP lawsuit.
  • Product diversion and parallel importation. Unauthorized acquisition and sale of goods is a crime. Instead of trying to compete with a major brand, some people or companies practice product diversion or parallel importation, stealing the products from an import shipment to sell them on their own at a much lower price point, or failing to dispose of inventory as instructed and using it instead to make a profit.
  • Channel checking. Marketing research is essential, if it’s on the up and up. Poor channel checking and concerns about licensing or IP infringement regarding new product development could result in legal action.
  • Trademark investigations and clearances. Does a company still use a trademark? Are there related trademarks? What’s the background and intention behind these trademarks? Some entrepreneurs don’t bother to do their due diligence and take a trademark for their own.

The internet has fueled IP theft and infringement. The depth and breadth of the online world can make it feel impossible to collect necessary evidence for an IP case. A private investigator shows otherwise with meticulous research and information-gathering.

Hire ASG for Your Intellectual Property Investigation

The investigators at ASG conduct intellectual property investigations under the direction of legal counsel. It is our privilege to be a valuable, reliable, flexible resource for you and support your IP case as thoroughly as possible. Whether a counterfeit investigation or copyright investigation, piracy prevention or domain hijacking, our investigators get the intelligence you need about hidden assets or the end goal of an operation, also identifying liability on the part of a business associate, supplier, advertiser, client, partner, or otherwise.

Get exceptional research, information, and support for all your intellectual property cases with the help of ASG. Contact us to discuss your needs.