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Every attorney wants the “slam dunk,” during litigation, or the most favorable outcome for their client and their firm—going through any deposition or trial along without the proper civil litigation support can quash these wants and desires right from the beginning. In civil litigation and particularly in complex cases, there is often a need to identify and capture information and evidence that is not available through the normal course of discovery. Sure, those attorneys who rely solely on discovery requests and subpoenas can succeed in a favorable outcome, but they limit their effectiveness and ability to achieve the maximum outcome for their clients. This is particularly true with complex cases which benefit greatly from quality support from experienced, qualified, expert private investigators.

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What services Can Benefit Me and My Team?

Any good litigator knows that the biggest obstacle in a trial is the unknown. True civil litigation support services will help you and your team answer unknown questions and give you the intelligence edge to put the opposition on their heels. All cases are different, but the luxury of working with one of the premier investigative firms in the Midwest.

Within the scope of many civil actions, there can be a need to locate & serve new witnesses or third party subjects, interview potentially involved parties, uncover hidden assetsperform background checks, locate, document, and preserve social media intelligence, determine the relationship of parties and others, conduct surveillance, take court ready statements, and much more. Litigation support services not only ensure that you’ve done your due diligence going into a trial or deposition, but also can become an instrument during litigation as well.

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The Results You Need in Timeframe You Need

At ASG, we pride ourselves on providing the services our clients need in the timeframe they need. We recognize that civil litigation support services are often needed fast—and more importantly, they need to be accurate and professional. Our team of subject-matter experts can work directly with you or your team, design an investigation quickly that fits your needs and can be undertaken within your specified timeframe.

No two investigations are the same—when it comes to civil litigation support, you’ll want to work with a private investigator who knows the difference between the multitudes of civil suits and how to help. If it’s been argued in a civil court, chances are we’ve undertaken the responsibility of assisting our clients with it in the past.

Why Choose ASG for Civil Litigation Support

ASG is a full-service investigative agency with extensive experience in civil litigation support related investigations. Unlike many agencies, we have a large staff of investigators, all of whom specialize in different services. This gives us true expertise in each area of investigations, ranging from international due diligence to conducting undercover workplace surveillance. This attribute allows us to add value well beyond the typical broker-investigator or the small firm of generalists.  No matter what your needs may be, ASG has the proper investigative techniques in place to ensure that we can provide the highest quality civil litigation support in the industry.

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