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Legal support from private investigators by conducting prelitigation asset searches

Surveillance for Litigation

With surveillance services for attorneys, the advances in surveillance technology have created the opportunity to obtain true HD video in almost every environment. From inside a business, across the street or even three quarters of mile away, surveillance opportunities in public domain have never been greater. When this advanced technology is put in the hands of well-trained surveillance experts, who know how to discreetly be in the right place to capture the best vantage point, the quality of the evidence and the value it adds to a case is nearly priceless.

At ASG, not only do we have time tested surveillance expertise and state of the art video equipment, we also have an extensive team of experts who support those surveillance efforts and put our people and equipment in the right place, at the right time. This crucial, but often neglected element of surveillance services for attorneys is essential in reducing the risk of detection and dramatically increasing the odds of creating a successful surveillance outcome. Most private investigation agencies lack this essential planning element. ASG has a large staff of subject matter experts in a variety of disciplines who each support the surveillance planning and execution. Experts in skip tracing, social media and internet profiling, open source records examination, database searching and intelligence analysis all contribute to creating the right plan of action for your unique case. The result is an optimized surveillance and a lower cost per case, all with the added bonus of reducing overall risks to the operation.

ASG Investigations has true expertise in conducting surveillance for legal counsel in support of litigation.

Types of Surveillance Services for Attorneys

A sampling of the types of surveillance services for attorneys that we conduct regularly for attorneys includes the following:

  • Enforcement of non-complete agreements
  • Employee fraud, asset misuse, time theft and benefits fraud (FMLA, worker’s compensation)
  • Liability claims defense
  • Auto negligence defense
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Vendor, dealer and contractor fraud
  • Harassment
  • Child Custody Matters
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Protective order violations
  • Employee termination assistance
  • Substance abuse documentation
  • Workplace theft
  • Third party liability matters
Conducting Surveillance for legal support

Surveillance Services for Attorneys Conducted by ASG Investigations

Last but not least, the integrity of the investigator is essential in surveillance services for attorneys that are aimed at supporting litigation. The best quality video taken by someone who can not serve as a good expert witness is useless. At ASG, we conduct regular surveillance instruction and training on how to provide accurate testimony to help ensure that every element of your surveillance adds value, reduces risk and is defensible in the court of law. This makes our surveillance services for attorneys second to none in Michigan and across the country.


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