Employment Verification Letter

employment verification letter3 Keys to a Compliant Employment Verification Letter

Employment verification letter use has become one of the most popular searches that we conduct in our pre-employment screening department. Resume fraud is on the rise and potential employers need a way to make sure that their applicants have been truthful in regards to their employment history and applicant identity. After years of sending and receiving variations of an employment verification letters, we believe we have discovered the three keys to crafting a perfect response.

 1. Always include your company contact information.

By far the most important aspect of any employment verification letter is the inclusion of your own company information. Whether you are the sender or the recipient, this is the most effective way to ensure proper transfer of information. We have received multiple reference letters without any indication as to who sent the letter or what company they represented. Each time this presents an extra hurdle for our clients. Always include your contact information, company name, and e-mail address for potential follow up regarding the employment verification letter.

 2. Include dates of employment, title, and salary.

Any employment verification letter is looking for these three basic elements. While it is often easier and quicker to provide approximate dates, that information can be misleading. There is a considerable difference between an applicant stating employment from 2012-2013 and, in reality, the dates of employment were 12/01/2012 – 1/1/2013. We strive to uncover all potential fraudulent elements of a resume and accurate dates of employment are paramount. While some companies may refuse to provide salary information, the title should be included in every instance. One of the most common ways to ‘beef’ up a resume is to alter the title of a previous employment position. An employment verification letter can eliminate this fraud.

 3. Do not provide a reference.

A reference interview may be conducted, but should be kept separate from an employment verification letter. Potential responses could be construed as discriminatory and including any information about the race, gender, or age of the applicant in an employment verification letter is always inadvisable.

Responses for an employment verification letter are almost always welcome via e-mail. At ASG, we send out our standard employment verification letter template with both fax and e-mail response address included. One of our main goals is to provide timely accurate information to our clients. The best way to accomplish that goal is to embrace technology. While most of our inquiries are handled via email or over the phone with a representative of the company, technology has allowed for instant verification of employment for a growing number of employers. Third party websites have begun to grow in popularity in recent years that allow users to register and pay a fee to obtain all of the critical information found in a standard employment verification letter. ASG has relationships with multiple vendors and will not hesitate to use them when prompted by an employer.

Please feel free to contact our office to discuss any potential questions you may have in regards to sending or responding to an employment verification letter. This service can be bundled with our standard pre-employment package or ordered as a standalone service.