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Looking for an Indiana background check investigation conducted by nationally recognized experts? If you need to learn the truth about someone who currently or previously resides in Indiana, ASG has an Indiana background check that will meet your needs!

It is no surprise  the “Hoosier” state did not let a major decline in manufacturing bring it down economically. Indiana is now a major hub for insurance and pharmaceutical corporations as well as four other Fortune 500 Companies. With all these major businesses, pre-employment screening and background checks should be performed by experts. ASG is home to professional and knowledgeable investigators that know all the rules and regulations for properly, thorough information gathering for employers and individuals alike.

With over 7 million people in Indiana and a massive number of people who have lived here before or spent time here, we have a nearly limitless number of criminal, civil and other records available that will reveal valuable information about the person whose background you are interested in. Accordingly, each Indiana background check is unique and customized to your needs.

The truth is out there waiting to be found. ASG can find it for you, quickly, easily and economically!

As expert private detectives, we see all sorts of things that different people will call an Indiana Background Check that are far from informational.

What we at ASG consider to be a true background investigation is far more detailed, accurate and informational than what many of these internet based search sites claim to offer.

Each of our Indiana background checks is different by design and our investigators will work to ensure that we tailor our investigation to your needs. We will not merely provide you with information that is easy to find.

In Indiana, it is very important to realize that the term Indiana background check is a very generic one. Buyer beware!

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What can an Indiana Background Check uncover for you?

  • Indiana Criminal Records
  • Indiana Incarceration Information
  • Indiana Convictions
  • Alias(es)
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Relatives
  • Past & Present Indiana Addresses
  • Someones Real Age
  • Lawsuits in Indiana
  • Neighborhood Profiles
  • Indiana Judgments & Indiana Tax Liens
  • Indiana Corporate Ownership
  • Indiana Professional Licenses
  • Indiana Sex Offenders
  • Indiana Property Ownership
  • Internet Domain Name Ownership
  • U.C.C. Filings
  • and More!

We have designed several different Indian background check packages for you to choose from depending on your required level of depth, each tailored to meet your specific needs and to save you money. If you find that any of these will not meet your needs or you would like additional information, do not hesitate to call us. We customize Indiana back ground checks daily to accommodate our clients needs

Why Choose ASG for Your Indiana Background Check?

ASG is a full-service private investigative agency specializing in background checks where accuracy matters. We use the same sources of information in our Indiana background checks that we use in all of our investigations including those for attorneys, insurance companies and government agencies. We will not use short cuts or gimmicks when conducting your investigation. Our clients cannot afford to waste time and money working with a firm that provides more disclaimers than information. If you need it done right, we are the investigators for you. If you are looking for the lowest cost, remember that you get what you pay for.

If you need Indiana back ground information about someone, we encourage you to call one of our investigators today to discuss your needs. They will take the time to teach you about what we can and cannot do and to explain the process and what types of results we can expect. The call is completely confidential.

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Obviously, IN criminal activity is a major concern to everyone looking for a background check. It is important to also understand that locating Indiana criminal records within a background check needs to be done at a local level.


If another company is offering you such a search, please understand that they have created their own “national” criminal history search. At best, this is not reliable, accurate or complete. In our opinion, the only thing that you can guarantee from this vendor is that they will laugh as they charge your credit card.

Each state has a different way of keeping track of criminal records. Some do a good job, some do a very poor job. In Indiana, each court, at the city or county level, also has it’s own unique way of recording Indiana criminal records. At ASG, we understand this and know exactly where to look for your information.


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