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Iowa Employee Screening and Background Checks

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Employee Screening and background checks

Many would be surprised by the diversity of Iowa’s economy. While visions of corn fields may be the popular association, we know that manufacturing is actually the Hawkeye State’s biggest industry and that it also holds a huge claim in the green energy department. Then there are the service and technology industries to factor in. Combine all of these together and you are looking at a state that needs professional and expert Iowa employee screening they can trust.

What we can do for you:

We are nationally recognized experts in Iowa employee screening and background checks and can deliver background screening services about current or former residents of locations like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, and all other Iowa communities. If you are looking to reveal information about a resident, or former resident, of Iowa, allow ASG to provide you with a customized Iowa employee screening that has been developed to specifically suit your needs.

Our trained investigators work exclusively with primary source data, meaning anything we present in a report has come directly from the source as opposed to some untrustworthy, instant, one-click website. For an Iowa employee screening, we work directly with the Iowa Department of Public Safety Division of Criminal Investigation in order to deliver the most accurate, timely reports possible. The DCI provides direct access to a statewide  conviction history and is one of the most useful tools when conducting an investigation. It is however, not the only tool. The Iowa court system has also made records available in a single location to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information provided by the DCI. Anytime we locate a conviction, we will make sure to find the corresponding court record with the Iowa judicial system.

employee screening
FCRA Compliant employee screening and background checks

Furthermore, Iowa has strict state compliance requirements when it comes to pre-employment screening. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Guidelines are a great starting point and many investigators are familiar with them; however, Iowa’s state specific limitations placed on criminal history and driving records may not be adhered to by some of the online vendors. These laws can change yearly and are difficult to track. Only a true investigator will be able to provide the recommendation and service needed to make sure your requests are fully compliant.

It is important to understand that the term “Iowa employee screening” is a very generic one.

With nearly three million people residing in the State of Iowa, one can deduct that a significant number of harmful persons are also coexisting with the many law abiding citizens. People visiting or living in Iowa generally leave behind a trail of both civil and criminal records. ASG has perfected the art of locating these records through the use of our numerous sources.

Our staff of licensed private investigators defines background investigations differently than our competitors. Our clients ask us to perform background checks in order to clarify and answer specific questions. We personalize our investigations in order to directly answer these questions. We know that the fluff and outdated information provided by our competitors does little to explain a subject’s history.

What Information can Iowa Employee Screening Uncover for You?

  • Iowa Incarceration Information
  • Iowa Statewide Convictions
  • Alias(es)
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Relatives
  • Past & Present Iowa Addresses
  • A Person’s Real Age
  • Iowa Lawsuits
  • Iowa Judgments & Tax Liens
  • Iowa Corporate Ownership
  • Iowa Professional Licenses
  • Iowa Sex Offender Registry
  • Iowa Property Ownership
  • Internet Domain Name Ownership
  • U.C.C. Filings
  • Iowa Vehicle Ownership

ASG now offers several Iowa employee screening packages, each unique to make sure we give you the information you are looking for and nothing extra that would waste your money, in order to better provide you with the information you are seeking. We know that every client brings a different set of questions to the table, and our goal is to provide you with precise answers to those questions. Although this may sound complicated, our investigators are here to make the background check process simple and efficient.

Iowa employee screening
Expert private investigators getting you results you need

Why Choose ASG for Your Iowa Employee Screening and Background Checks?

ASG Investigations is much more than the typical online information broker. We strive to answer your questions in our investigations, and will not provide you with outdated database information. Our actual investigators uncover factual information and verify the results. If you are looking for meticulous background screening assistance, call ASG anytime to discuss your case.

If you are interested in having a background check performed on a resident of Iowa, we recommend that you contact us today in order to further discuss your situation. We take the mystery out of background checks. Our investigators will explain the background screening process to you step by step and inform you of the results you can expect to see. The call is completely confidential.

ASG will provide you with the truth in a swift, simple, and inexpensive manner!


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