4 Mistakes Private Investigators Make Doing Background Checks

mistakesBackground checks are nearly universal across all business industries with approximately 96% of businesses running some type of background check on their prospective or existing employees. Almost 90% of those employers cited safety for their workers and clients as being the primary reason for those checks. Many businesses outsource those tasks to private investigators to ensure they’re performed thoroughly. But human error can still happen. So then, what are the major mistakes private investigators make during background checks?

Single-Sourcing Information

Professional investigators have access to special databases now available to or commonly known by the general public. Experienced investigators know how to navigate those databases to find the specific information their clients want and need. If a private investigator is using a single source as opposed to two or more databases for their comparisons, they’re likely overlooking essential information that their client needs. Well-trained professionals with private investigations experience do not cut obvious corners or make glaring rookie mistakes like that.

Omitting Analysis

There are several databases outside of Google and other common public options that private investigators rely upon. Most investigators use two or more databases to compare and back up their information. However, some PIs end up simply cutting and pasting or otherwise regurgitating that information to their customers in the form of info dumps. That’s an easy way to tick off the client and ensure they never use your service again for future needs. Businesses need professional analysis to weigh and measure the information in order to make the best decisions. So while a background check may disclose that someone owes a lot of money, explaining whether that’s from frivolous credit spending or likely being forced into using extra credit to cover their financial needs due to the pandemic can make all the difference to the client and the person undergoing the background check.

Including Personal Opinions

Everyone has their own opinions at any given moment. But personal opinions are not part of a private investigator’s arsenal, at least not while performing background checks. Unless the client specifically asks for a personal opinion, the investigator should keep that to themselves. And even if it is asked for, it’s much more professional and helpful to keep strictly to the facts. Private investigations often include social media scans and interviews with personal and professional connections that are full of their own opinions of the individuals undergoing the background checks. So always keep it professional and stick to the facts.

Not Having a Clear Focus

A customer may need to hire a private investigator for any number of issues. But it is the investigator’s responsibility to maintain proper focus to get the necessary information. If the client says they want information on everything but later gets angry because the PI didn’t limit the “dirt” to specific topics, that looks bad on all parties. Focus is key. The client can still want an assortment of information, but they know where they really want the investigation to focus. And they need to be honest enough to tell the investigation team. Otherwise, the background checks can result in time-draining rabbit holes. When you’re ready for private investigations, give us a call and we’ll focus on your needs and not mistakes.


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