What to Expect When You Hire an Investigative Agency

Investigative agencyHiring a private investigator can be intimidating. For many people, it’s the fear of the “unknown” that makes them hesitate to call an investigative agency. The name often conjures images of shady characters skulking around corners with cameras, or badgering people with questions. And, while there are “investigators” that fit that description, a professional investigative agency is not scary. In fact, these experts can be a trusted partner.

In a nutshell, private investigative agencies gather hard-to-find data or intelligence to help you make more informed decisions. They work on many different types of cases, assisting attorneys, businesses and private citizens with a variety of legal, financial and personal problems.

It’s Easier than You Think

Hiring a private investigative agency often begins with a simple phone call (no secret meetings in the middle of the night involved). A reputable firm will schedule an initial interview or free consultation to determine what your specific needs are and then provide feedback on how they can (or in some cases, cannot) help.

You would expect investigators to ask a lot of questions when working on a case, but they should also be asking you – the client – a lot of questions to accurately assess your situation before you hire them. If they’re doing all the talking, you might want to consider contacting another firm.

Of course, you should also have an opportunity to ask questions, such as:

  • Is your investigative agency properly licensed? In most states, a license is mandatory and requires certain qualifications, training and experience.
  • Do you specialize in specific types of investigative services or have experts in different areas (i.e., litigation support, background checks, corporate investigations)? A company that has professionals in different areas often garners better results than a firm whose investigators are “jacks of all trades.”
  • Do you guarantee discreet, confidential results?
  • Does your agency offer customized services versus “one size fits all” investigations and background checks?
  • What is the background of your investigators? Oftentimes, professional investigators have experience in law enforcement, the military, research, or computer skills.
  • How are your fees structured (i.e., retainer versus hourly billing)?
  • Can you provide references?

Services for Every Need

Too often we think of private investigators as only catching cheating spouses or tracking down people who don’t want to be found. While most investigators do both, a professional investigative agency typically offers a full-range of services, including:

Private Investigation Services – They work on discreet personal matters involving individuals and families, which may include determining infidelity, ensuring child safety or locating people, among other issues. Professional investigators perform surveillance, background checks, asset searches, interviews, computer forensics and more to gather the necessary information. Because these situations are very personal, and often painful, they should be handled with discretion, privacy and sensitivity.

Investigations for Attorneys – Complex legal matters often require expert investigative resources. Whether an attorney is representing a client in civil litigation or criminal defense, a professional investigator can supplement legal work to create a stronger case, support a theory, and provide integral details. It’s important to ensure that an investigative agency is reputable and works inside the law, so documentation and evidence gathered can be used in court, mediation or negotiations.

Corporate Investigations – Private investigators can safeguard your workplace with professional investigations that help Human Resources, corporate counsel, risk management and corporate security. From pre-employment screening and insurance claims to uncovering theft and fraud, experienced investigators can protect your company’s bottom line and its reputation by eliminating current problems and preventing future issues.

Background Checks – Investigative agencies do not provide the same type of background check you can get online. Whether you need employee screening or complex international due diligence investigations, relying on experts can save you both time and money. Investigative agencies have access to up-to-date databases that are not available online and are able to uncover difficult-to-find information. They provide comprehensive information, in a concise, easy-to-understand format, which can’t be obtained with an online search.

Knowledge is Power

The need for knowledge on certain important issues requires the expertise and experience of a professional investigative agency. When you need information that’s essential to making informed decisions regarding your family, clients, or company, it’s wise to rely on experts. Not only do they have the training and skills to expediently obtain the right information, but they also can ensure legal compliance (e.g., invasion of privacy, illegal recordings, and other legal entanglements) and testify in court, if necessary.

Perhaps the most important reason to hire an investigative company is the peace of mind you’ll receive knowing that you have a trusted partner working on your behalf and dedicated to providing a solution to your specific issue.

If you’re looking for reliable, trustworthy investigative services, call ASG Investigations for a free consultation at (888) 677-9700 or visit asginvestigations.com. We look forward to discussing how we can develop a customized solution for your needs and give you the “Intelligence Edge.”  


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