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Attention Las Vegas and Nevada employers: allow ASG to provide your firm with accurate, reliable, and professional Nevada employee screening services.  With 678.1 violent crimes per 100,000 people and even more property crimes reported in Nevada in 2017, the unfortunate possibility that you may employ an unfavorable person are quite strong. In fact, Nevada has become the third most violent state in the country. Cities like Las Vegas are a magnet for all types of people, many dishonest included. Be safe, protect your business, employees and money today.

At ASG we have years of experience in providing Nevada employee screening services to hundreds of clients statewide. We would like to protect your company assets, clients, and reputation.  Many employers and screening companies do not understand that producing a criminal background check means more than typing a name into a database and viewing old outdated results.  Clark County (the most populous county in Nevada) has proven to be particularly tricky in terms of locating and obtaining accurate criminal record information.  There are at least four places to search in Clark County for records, most of which are simply ignored by online pay per click background sites.  Our team of trained investigators is familiar with local court procedure and routinely obtains records from the family records court, district court, circuit court, and Las Vegas justice courts in Las Vegas in order to create a comprehensive Nevada employee screening report.

We have actual licensed investigators overseeing our Nevada employee screening services, not simply relying on computers and internet based data.

Nevada Employee Screening Services

ASG will also make sure to check every applicant’s address history to see if they lived outside of Nevada. With this information we can check in those locations too to uncover records that will not show up in Nevada. This is an important part of any complete and accurate Nevada employee screening program.

Some of the more common searches for a Nevada Background Check include (but are not limited to)

  • Nevada County Level Criminal Records Search
  • Name Verification and Social Security Number Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records (DMV)
  • Credit Report

We can conduct about 40 potential searches for our Nevada employee screening check. Feel free to call our office and discuss any additional searches that may be of value to your company.

Nevada Background Check / Nevada Employee Screening
employee screening

Why Choose Investigators to Help Conduct Nevada Employee Screening

With the advances that have been brought forth by the electronic government era, the level of access to public information is greater and more efficient than ever.  This allows you, as an employer in Las Vegas, Henderson, Carson City or elsewhere in Nevada, to have access to affordable, accurate, and timely Nevada employee screening. You need expert background screening services, and ASG is here to assist you.

ASG’s employee screening services are a unique alternative to the countless number of internet screening options available due to several simple but important reasons:

  • We utilize primary sources to ensure a high level of quality.
  • References, education verification, employment verification can all be added to our standard report.
  • Our trained investigative team is available to answer your questions.  An actual human being will be on the other end of the phone to provide assistance when necessary.

If you are in need of a Nevada background check that is not for employment purposes, we can also help. Learn more here.

Call now to get more information about our Nevada Employee Screening Services.

About Our Process

ASG is proud to announce that we have launched a completely secure online submission portal.  This tool allows our users to quickly and efficiently submit requests and receive their completed information, all while eliminating costly administrative time.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office and we will discuss how our online tools and how a Nevada employee screening can help grow your business!

When ethics, professionalism, and results matter most, call ASG.
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