Who Should You Hire? Importance of Employee Background Checks

employee background checks investigatorApproximately 6 million Americans are currently unemployed, and over 5% of employed Americans have multiple jobs. While there are plenty of potential hires to choose from for your open position, finding the right fit that will actually stay and get the job done is often a challenge. It’s important to get as much information as possible on potential hires to ensure they’re the right choices. But what is the importance of employee background checks and why are they needed for all business industries? 

Verify Identification 

U.S. employees must be legally able to work in the country by being a citizen or having proper work documentation. Employers may require a social security number, visa or other immigration documents, a driver’s license, or birth certificate to prove the candidate’s identity. The background check can verify that documentation to ensure the applicant is who they claim to be and that they’re legally able to work in the U.S. 

Disclose Driving Record

Several jobs require driving tasks, whether those are for delivery, chauffeuring, or self-transportation, to ensure employees can make it to scheduled company or client meetings. The company may, therefore, run a background check to someone’s disclose driving record and check for recent accidents, citations, or driving restrictions. A business might be liable for any damage or injuries that occur, especially if preventative measures aren’t in place. So most companies that require driving capabilities will implement background checks.

Discover Educational Background

In a nationwide survey, 55% of Americans questioned admitted to lying outright on their resumes at least once. But far more people “stretch the truth” during the entire interviewing process. Most employers will overlook a few fabrications if the candidate has most of the requirements and fits in with the workplace in other ways. However, certain needs, such as education, certification, and experience, are crucial. A good background check can uncover the candidate’s actual educational background or verify if what they listed on their resume is factual. 

Confirm Employment History

Accurate work history is essential to deciding whether an applicant is the right fit for the position. Listing employment on resumes or applications that potential hires feel apply to open positions is great, but important elements and required tasks might be missing. A background check can dive deeper to confirm the important qualifications an applicant may have omitted. It can also disclose essential previous job-related details a candidate may try to hide. 

Uncover Criminal Records 

Good employers can overlook many past mistakes, including minor to moderate legal issues, especially when they’re disclosed and explained upfront during the interviewing process. However, some mistakes and behaviors can easily affect the job performance or negatively affect the company. Background checks can uncover severe felony charges, fraud issues, abusive or aggressive tendencies, and other concerns, such as child safety issues, which may easily disqualify a candidate from a specific career involving those subject matters. Call us when you’re ready to connect with a background check investigator to keep your company, clients, and coworkers safe and secure.


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