A Look Behind the Curtain of Private Investigations

Hiring and even calling a private investigator can be an intimidating experience if you have not used services like ours in the past.  Private investigations sounds complicated and possibly scary. It can be tough to know what to expect when you call. How do you know what to ask for?  How much should it cost? How do I know the person I am speaking with will actually do the work they quote me?  Are they just going to subcontract the work out to another agency, or are they simply going to provide me database information?

Understanding private investigations and hiring a private investigator

Knowing what to ask for should not be an issue if you are speaking with a knowledgeable private investigator.

We have clients call all the time that ask for one service, but we quickly find out that is not what they really need done.  Speaking about the issue at hand and the information you are looking to obtain, are the best ways to work with a private investigator to find the solution to your problem.  It is best to ask who will be conducting the research.  If the investigation is being handled in-house, then you know any questions you have will be addressed quickly by the person who actually did the work.

Cost, subcontracting and being provided database information are all tied together.  Private investigations firms that will be subcontracting your case to another private investigator (this happens all the time) will be on the high side of the price spectrum to cover the fees being paid to the other agency.  Firms that will try to pass database information along as an “investigation” will be on the low end of the spectrum.  Agencies like ours fall in the middle of the spectrum.  We have a team of specialized investigators to handle the different portions of your investigation without having to vend out any portion of your work.  This allows us to offer a good price for a product that we believe will truly help the client, without having to rely on the work (an/or integrity) of others.

If you are seriously considering hiring a private investigator, we encourage you to call us.

The consultation with one of our private investigations experts is completely confidential, free and risk free.


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