Using a Vehicle Tracker During Surveillance

Using a vehicle tracker during surveillance

Many times, when a spouse or family member needs to have surveillance done, they are better served using a vehicle tracker during surveillance to get the outcome they are looking for. The majority of the time, private clients often need either surveillance or a vehicle tracker to document some inappropriate or destructive behavior. Examples of … Read more

Types of Private Investigator Services

background investigation

Due Diligence?  Background Investigation? Asset Investigations? Private investigators have coined all sorts of terms to describe the services they offer in order as a background investigation to market to different clients.  There are many similarities between the different types of cases worked by private investigators as the basis for any work is public records.  No … Read more

A Look Behind the Curtain of Private Investigations

Hiring a Private Investigator

Hiring and even calling a private investigator can be an intimidating experience if you have not used services like ours in the past.  Private investigations sounds complicated and possibly scary. It can be tough to know what to expect when you call. How do you know what to ask for?  How much should it cost? … Read more

When Private Investigators Promise Results That Are Too Good To Be True

private investigators

Private investigators are no different than any other professional service provider. The vast majority are good, hard working, knowledgeable professionals who serve their clients well. One thing that separates private investigators from other professionals is that the public is keenly interested in what we do. The are countless television shows and movies about the exploits … Read more

Knowing the lies before you hear them

infidelity in divorce still matters

Is anyone ever fully prepared to take someone’s deposition?  If you are taking the deposition of an adversarial witness wouldn’t you want to know as much as you can in order to understand the points that they may want to downplay?  At ASG we offer a variety of background investigation options to give our clients … Read more

Is Your Defendant Collectible

Probate Research, Heir Locates and Genealogy Experts

Wouldn’t it be great to know if it was worth filing suit against an individual or business prior to the lawsuit?  At this point in the litigation process we do not have a legal right to search for bank accounts and try to find out how much money someone has in the bank but conducting … Read more

About The Private Detective

trust private detectives

Although we are Licensed Private Detectives and not related to law enforcement in any fashion, many people are interested in information about the work of police detectives. The following information is a rough description of the how law enforcement detectives work. The information presented below in the section “About detectives” is based on general observations … Read more


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