Using a Vehicle Tracker During Surveillance

Many times, when a spouse or family member needs to have surveillance done, they are better served using a vehicle tracker during surveillance to get the outcome they are looking for. The majority of the time, private clients often need either surveillance or a vehicle tracker to document some inappropriate or destructive behavior. Examples of cases the benefit from surveillance or the use of a vehicle tracker include infidelity, drug use/abuse, alcohol abuse, criminal activity, falsified employment and soliciting prostitution. The problem with using either a surveillance investigator or a vehicle track alone is that both have limitations.

A vehicle tracker is just as it describes. It tracks its location, sending a signal up to the satellite (GPS) and provides the location of the tracker through a software package or website.

Using a vehicle tracker during surveillance
The vehicle tracker puts the car at Walmart, but in reality, it is in the condo complex to the immediate south.

The reporting is usually in the form of a position on a map. Unfortunately, the reality is the position is within an area, not an exact location. This can be problematic if, for example, the vehicle is located at a large apartment complex. It will show it in the area, but will not provide any information about which apartment it is closest too. A vehicle tracker also cannot tell us who was in the vehicle or what the person you are ultimately tracking is doing. Sometimes that is enough evidence to make decisions, but in many cases, it is not.

A surveillance investigator is trained to follow people and following a vehicle is an essential skill for a good PI. Unfortunately, almost all of the circumstances that would lead an individual to hire an investigator to conduct surveillance involve people who are well aware of their behavior and who are likely very surveillance conscious. This makes them much more difficult to follow and greatly increases the risks of discovery.

The best of both worlds is to consider using a vehicle tracker during surveillance.

What experience has taught the best in the business is that by using a vehicle tracker during surveillance, one can give the target more room to prevent detection while giving the investigator the ability to see who and what the person is actually doing. Obviously, this will increase the cost of the investigation, but if you consider that using only one format can result in getting no results, the cost of adding a tracker to a surveillance is excellent insurance. From a legal perspective, not every case can incorporate using a vehicle tracker (laws differ from state to state), but when it can be used, using a vehicle tracker during surveillance is the professional’s choice.

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