Private Investigators Uncovered: 5 Things You Might Not Know

Thanks to television shows, movies and books, people tend to have an inaccurate perception of private investigators and what we do. To that end, we’d like to uncover the facts and reveal the truth.

Private Investigators Uncovered

Thirty-eight years after the original Magnum P.I. television series debuted, a reboot has been recently introduced. While the technology is slicker, the premise remains the same. The hunky hero is a private investigator who solves challenging, often dangerous cases while driving a vintage Ferrari and wearing cool aviator sunglasses. And he does it all in paradise!

Thanks to television shows, movies, and books, people tend to have an inaccurate perception of private investigators and what we do. To that end, we’d like to uncover the facts and reveal the truth:

  1. We’re not daredevils – Alas, most of us lead fairly normal lives. We don’t drive fancy cars or solve mysterious crimes. In fact, most private investigators don’t even carry a weapon! A typical workday is spent in front of a computer gathering difficult-to-find information, although we do conduct field investigations. While we may not fit the television persona of “hero,” we’re often thought of as heroic by our clients for our ability to solve problems, quickly and quietly – from performing background checks and conducting surveillance, to finding assets and locating people.
  2. We don’t wear trench coats – Unless, of course, it’s raining. We don’t fit the stereotypical perception of the shady character wearing dark glasses and hiding behind corners. In reality, we’re highly-trained professionals with expertise in accounting, criminology, insurance, law enforcement, and computer science. We work with private citizens, attorneys, businesses and government agencies on a wide variety of cases – most of which do not involve a disguise.
  3. We can’t access private information – We’re not the FBI or the CIA. We don’t use supercomputers (although that would be fun) to unearth confidential data, such as a person’s bank account or health records. However, we are experts at finding and providing information that’s essential to making good decisions.
  4. We don’t put together the same type of background checks you can get for $20 online – In today’s computer age, people often think they can find the information they need with a few simple keystrokes. It’s true that there are plenty of inexpensive services that offer background checks for employment, due diligence, tenant screening and more. However, most people are disappointed by the results of these online services. Professional investigators provide clients with reliable, thorough background checks. Our reports are highly-detailed and comprehensive, based on facts and verified records, not database searches. In addition, our background checks are tailored to your needs, so you get useful information without having to wade through pages of useless information.
  5. Most investigations are not lengthy and costly – Those dramatic scenes during which the P.I. tells the client that he or she needs more time and money to get the job done make us cringe! When you rely on experts, you get expedient, affordable results. We’re just as anxious to complete your service as you are, so we can help the next client. In fact, we pride ourselves in getting the job done without wasting your time or money! Each service is tailored to your specific needs and handled by an experienced investigator.

While we may dream about driving a Ferrari along the sun-drenched Hawaiian coast and single-handedly apprehending criminals, most private investigators are simply working hard, behind the scenes, to help our clients solve problems and make informed decisions.

It may not sound exciting, but if you’re an employer who wants to avoid making a costly hiring mistake; an attorney who requires extensive, detailed fact-gathering to win a case; a renter who wants to protect your property and yourself from liability; a corporation who needs due diligence information for a costly venture; or even a concerned parent who wants peace of mind, a private investigator can save the day.

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