5 Types of Pre-Employment Background Checks

pre-employment background checkEmployee background checks are essential for business security. They reduce company liability, help avoid unnecessary lawsuits, and can even lower insurance rates. According to a recent survey by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and Hr.com, almost 95% of employers conduct at least one type of employee background check while over 70% maintain a standard documented screening policy throughout the business. But what are the main types of pre-employment background checks?

Education and Experience Verification

Job positions have specific requirements, and hiring the wrong person for those positions can be an expensive and potentially dangerous decision. A pre-employment background check focusing on education and experience verification can help ensure your potential candidates have the skills and abilities to perform the job tasks safely and efficiently.

Driver’s License and Identification Verification

Anyone legally working in the U.S. or applying for a legitimate business must have the correct legal documents to be able to fill the position. The Federal Government assesses those claims through an I-9 document, and the applicant is required to provide their legal documents before the employment is official. Proper documentation includes one or more of the following: a U.S. passport, resident card, driver’s license, social security card, and birth certificate. Job positions involving driving will require proof of a valid driver’s license in good standing.

Criminal Records

Chicago follows all necessary ban-the-box laws so potential employees have a fair shot at being hired. That’s great for those with mild charges, slap on the wrists, old issues that don’t affect the job requirements, or misdemeanors. Not being required to explain mild-to-moderate or reformed past criminal behaviors upfront gives thousands of potential workers a leg up and helps avoid unnecessary discrimination. However, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace and business for all employees, clients, and customers. Therefore, certain jobs do require criminal checks later in the hiring process or after the employee is hired. The right criminal background checks can help ensure everyone’s safety on the job.

Drug and Substance Testing

It may be a stereotypical thought or trope that alcohol and substance abusers and addicts can’t find or keep a job. But the truth is, over 70% of substance, illicit drug abusers, and even binge drinkers in America are employed. Of course, the behaviors associated with those compulsions and addictions cost companies an average of $81 billion annually due to lost work time and productivity, healthcare costs, and accidents. Drug and substance testing can verify your employees are clean and focused on the job.

Personal and Professional References

According to a report from HireRight, approximately 85% of employers catch some type of blatant lie or fabrication on resumes. Smart small businesses can get more of a true idea about potential employees by running pre-employment background checks requiring personal and professional references. These social and professional checks can be invaluable to the business and highlight specific red flags such as an applicant requesting the employer not to contact a certain business or individual. References are usually mandatory for industries like healthcare, childcare, education, and home or geriatric care. Give us a call when you’re ready to get the right employee background checks for your business needs.


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