Why an Arizona Background Check May Be the Most Complicated of All

To many, a background check is a background, no matter where one is conducting it, but an Arizona background check encompasses the complete mix of varied, unique environments and some provocative neighbors that, when combined becomes the perfect storm.

As professional investigators who specialize in background checks and complex investigations, ASG has learned that an Arizona background check poses unique challenges that the “instant” super database background checks fall far short of addressing.

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Arizona Background Check

The first main factors that complicates an Arizona background check is the state’s geography. It has the full spectrum, from remote mountain communities to densely packed urban areas like Phoenix. It has highly transient low-income areas and ranches, suburban bedroom communities and shack’s deep in the woods. This creates complications when many unique communities, all with differing levels of access to records are common place. Arizona also has the inherent confusion created by a large Mexican and central American population, many of whom use similar naming conventions and use them in different ways. The big cities also have all of the usual problems associated with gang activity, poorer people who have little or no public record trail or credit and a large homeless community.

The states neighbors currently are also making the average Arizona background check more complicated. Obviously, the crime epidemic in Mexico spills over into Arizona from Nogales and Mexicali. The situation with undocumented aliens entering and passing through Arizona adds another level of complications when these individuals create some type of record but then disappear back home or move constantly to avoid further governmental contact. The next complication for someone conducting and Arizona background check is the proximity to Southern California and Las Vegas. Both regions have heavy criminal activity and a steady migration of convicts who are leaving California after prison release to seek a new life or new criminal opportunities in neighboring states.

Sorting out whose who and which records belong to which people is not an easy or instant task, but the Arizona background check experts at ASG are available to help. We produce well documented searches in the right places and get the results back to our clients very quickly, so they can make educated decisions, quickly and affordably without settling for a watered down “instant” web-based data dump as a substitute.

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