A Real Pennsylvania Background Check

A real Pennsylvania background check requires much more than instant, online background check websites offer.

In the age of instant information, everyone wants to be able to order things on their mobile and get instant delivery. Unfortunately, many sites offing a Pennsylvania background check provide that instant delivery, but they fail to tell you just where they are looking for records and, more importantly, where they are not! This leaves many customers in the dark. They think they purchased a real background check, but in reality, all they got is a limited number of free public records. Meanwhile, the real records, that can’t be accessed online for free or instantly are simply not part of their search. (They don’t advertise that particular fact.) We suppose it’s a “buyer beware” world, but we don’t like that model and instead offer our clients a real Pennsylvania background check that covers all the records you want, not just the old, free ones.

A Real Pennsylvania Background CheckTop 3 Tips for Selecting a Pennsylvania Background Check Firm

  1. If they offer instant results, it is not a real background check
  2. If they don’t have a telephone advertised for you to actually call them and discuss your needs, with an actual professional investigator, its not going to be a real background check and likely no one on their end will ever look at your report. A piece of software will create it and the contents maybe wrong.
  3. If the firm cannot offer you complete, legally enforceable confidentiality, they are not a real background check provider.

Why a Pennsylvania Background Check Requires an Expert to Produce:

As one of the original colonies, beginning back in 1681, Pennsylvania has a very old, multi-level system of government and courts. Local and county level records are plentiful and in many, many cases not offered via the web or for free. It also has one of the most complicated court systems in the world, with higher and lower courts, part time courts and courts with over 50 sitting judges! It is one of the most complex environments to conduct a background check in the country.

Our team of real professional investigators know what records are found in which places and how to get them. We have experience and expertise in this area and can help you to understand what types of information can be searched for and to determine if that search if meaningful to you, before you spend one cent. The people who get into trouble understand that the system is complicated, and they know that many background check firms don’t look where they have records, and they use that to manipulate and victimize others.

For those who think that real background check may not be necessary, consider these crime statistics from 2016 which report that Pennsylvania had over 174,000 larcenies and thefts, over 23,000 assaults, over 222,000 property crimes and over 40,000 violent crimes. Allentown, Bethlehem , Darby, Erie, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Norristown, Reading and York all have high crime statistics, along with the largest and most dangerous cities, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

We understand that you, like everyone, wants the results fast. The great news is that tea, can get you quick results because we have extensive experience and volume, allowing us to get you a real Pennsylvania background check with verified information in less time and at a lower cost.

Call us today. The call is free and strictly confidential! 855-678-7200

Need For Nevada Employee Screening at All Time High

It may come as a surprise that the need for Nevada employee screening is at an all time high, but there is no denying that it’s true. In recent FBI statistics release for 2018 Nevada is reported as being second on the list of the most violent states in the country and third on the list of overall crime!

As an employer, conducting proper Nevada employee screening is an essential part of protecting your co-workers, your business and your customers. Hiring without performing some level of Nevada employee screening is, no pun intended Las Vegas or Reno employers, a roll of the dice where you can lose bigtime. If one looks to the regulated industries, like casinos, they have excellent employee background check processes that greatly aid in keeping the criminal element and those who are simply not optimal employees out. Any Nevada business owner or employer would be well served to follow their model.

Nevada has an unusually high number of transient workers who bring extra risk to Nevada employers!

Need For Nevada Employee Screening at All Time High

Why is the need for Nevada employee screening at and all time high? Multiple reasons.

The states population has grown dramatically, which some argue is overwhelming the capabilities of law enforcement, which has not grown at the same rate.

Violent crime in Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City and overall statewide has been growing at levels well above the national average for at least the last nine years and shows no signs of stopping. Nevada law enforcement have also noted a disproportionate number for convicts from California are moving to Nevada. Many repeat their criminal activities here.

These concerning realities play directly into the need for high quality Nevada employee screening like that offered by ASG. The investigators at ASG know where to look for records and we know how to track down where an applicant has lived previously. With this knowledge, we can not only check for Nevada records, we also look in the other states and cities that person lived in. We marry that knowledge and real review, not computerized review, with technology to make our processes automated for the client and follow Nevada employee screening best practices to give you the optimum level of protection.

If you are a business owner, employer or HR professional in Nevada, learn more about how we can help here. We can walk you through the process, help you to design a Nevada employee screening package that fits your needs at the best price available and take the burden and doubt off your hands. We look forward to helping.  855-678-2300

Michigan Volunteer Screening in Full Swing

With summer kicking off this weekend, our Michigan Volunteer Screening group is kicking into high gear performing background checks on volunteers of all sorts. Each summer there are literally hundreds of festivals, fairs, fireworks displays, antique sales, cook offs, charity fundraisers as well as church related retreats and events held throughout Michigan. Nearly all of these events rely on volunteers to run them. These volunteers are absolutely necessary to hold a fun, safe event. The overwhelming majority of these event volunteers in Michigan are good, honest people who work hard and are a pleasure to have around.

But what happens if one of your event volunteers turns out to be the bad apple?

What happens if they steal from the attendees? What happens if they serve alcohol to a minor? What if they are drunk while working at the event and some is injured? What if a volunteer is a registered sex offender? What happens if they hurt a child?

Michigan Volunteer ScreeningWhat is even more important to focus on is the answer to these questions:

  • Who pays for the massive civil judgement against your organization for letting something happen that could have been prevented?
  • What happens to your organization when the media reports on the injury and that your organization allowed that to happened, but it could have been prevented?
  • Who in our organization supports the idea of skipping the background check on volunteers that could prevent so many of these potential issues?

If you are like most American’s you want to protect your organization, your volunteers and the public by having a competent agency like ASG perform Michigan volunteer screening background checks. The process is fast, easy and reliable. Don’t be fooled by instant, internet-based background checks. Go with the leading Michigan volunteer screening and background check service. Call us today for a free consultation. We want your event to be as safe and protected as possible.

Michigan volunteer screening, background check on volunteers, event volunteers

Michigan volunteer screening and background checks on volunteers is an essential, affordable process that the experts at ASG can perform to keep your volunteers and attendees safer

Your Reason to do A Background Check

There are endless reasons to do a background check on an individual or a business.  This may range from need for criminal records, commercial records, financial records, and beyond.

The most common reason to do a background check is for employment purposes, essentially conducting a detailed background check on an individual before they are offered a position. This is also known as employee screening and pre-employment background checks. You need to protect yourself and your company from liability issues and a background check can give you the knowledge before making a hiring decision. Some people will provide a false date of birth, social security number, even a name to avoid having their true past uncovered. No one wants someone who lies on an application working for them; if they lie on an application what would stop them from lying at the company? The reasons to do a background check are almost endless. The most common types of criminal records that we discover while conducting a criminal record check portion of a background check include: drunk driving convictions, drug crime related convictions, assault and domestic violence, theft (whether from a workplace or retail), fraud, larceny, weapons, the traffic violations of the individual, embezzlement, and burglary. Additionally, when it comes to kids and it shows that you owe a lot of child support you will fail the background check.

Its not hard to think of a great reason to do a background check.

Reason to do a Background Check

As you likely already know, it’s not just about applying for a job. There are numerous drivers to get hire an agency like ours to help. For instance, law school graduates who are preparing to sit for the bar exam have a significant reason to do a background check on themselves. It is essential to know what the state bar association will find when they run your background to determine if you are fit to be an attorney. Additionally, background checks are also used for tenant screening. No landlord wants a dangerous or deadbeat tenant. When it comes to in-home employment that involves child care, babysitting or even a nanny for your kid, you don’t want someone taking care of your kids who isn’t fit to watch them. That’s why, when it comes to children, you don’t need to work too hard to think of a good reason to do a background check.

Additionally, a great reason to do a background check is when you are engaged in online dating. So, the next time a friend says, before you give them your real information, “we must do a background check on him,” you definitely do. A big reason to do a background check is to make sure you are not getting into a relationship with a creep!  That person may be mysterious and alluring but what parts of their past are they hiding?  Sex offenders and people with intense criminal backgrounds are something you should know upfront.

Another reason to do a background check is when your church, association or trade group has a need for volunteers and seasonal workers. Lots of good people volunteer to help, but what happens if you let the wolf in and a dangerous person injures or steals while volunteering? Think of the damage to your group’s reputation and of the regret you and many other will have for not screening the volunteers. That is a great reason to do a background check.

No matter what your reason to do a background check is, we are here to help. The process is easy, fast and affordable. Call us today.


Background Check for California Employees Require an Expert

When looking into getting a background check for California employees performed, its important to understand that California is among the most restrictive regulatory environments to conduct a background check and California also has some of the most unusual rules on access to public records that are used in any quality background check for California employees.

Background Check for California Employees Require an Expert Unlike many states, California has additional rules about the types of information an employer can use when screening an employee. These rules narrow the scope of what can be looked at and the length of time that an employer can look back. The California court system and public record system is also more difficult than many to get information from. This leads to many instant, web based background checks having to skip over important records because they are simply not available online, but these companies rarely tell you about all the places they are not looking into. Instead, the employer gets a false sense of safety believing that they conduct a thorough background check, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Small businesses in California or those who have remote employees living in California and don’t have a dedicated HR staff are usually at greater risk of getting the employee background check wrong or selecting the wrong employee screening provider to conduct the background check. Let’s face it, as a small business, many things are new and the owner / managers tend to wear many hats. That can lead to HR tasks like conducting a background check for California employees are often done without the luxury of spending a lot of time learning all the nuances of the law and the records that can be used in this process. That’s where ASG comes in. We can walk you through the process, provide the current forms, help you to determine what records to include in any California background check and conduct the screening for you, quickly, legally and cost effectively.

Three Important Points to Consider about any Background Check for California Employees:
  1. Not all employee screening services are alike. If you are looking at screening agency on the web who offers Instant Results and / or costs less that $40, steer clear. You will not get what expect and may get some legal trouble in the process.
  2. You DON’T have to sign a contract or pay a “start up” or initiation fee to work with a quality employee background screening agency.
  3. Don’t go it alone. This is not an area of the law that you want to take a chance with. Contact an agency who takes the time to explain the process to you, lays out all the options and offers real, professional management and review of the process, by licensed private investigators.


If you are looking for a hassle free experience getting a background check for California employees conducted, look no further and call ASG. You will speak to a real investigator who can explain all aspects of what you can do, help you select searches that make sense and work for you and get you the tools to make the whole process safe and simple. We are happy to help.


Background check for California employees requires expert assistance by licensed private investigators who understand the regulations and where to fine the real records


International Background Checks – Initial Considerations

Unsurprisingly, conducting an international background check requires consideration to many more factors than a standard background check.  Whether you are screening employees crossing the border from Canada or conducting international due diligence investigations before investing in Korean companies, it is worth the time and effort to complete these checks.  As experts in this area, we can help you to find the information you are looking for, but there are some things to consider when assigning a file to an investigator.  Here’s a look at some of the major areas of concern.

An international background check does not need to be complicated, let us make it simple for you!

Time frame – An international background check takes a little longer than a local one.  Shocking, right?  Even with all the advancements society has made with technology, there are still many countries across the globe without efficient records systems.  Just take a look at Africa: Nigeria adopted a Freedom of Information Act in 2011 and all requests must be provided to the applicant within 7 days.  Could a war-torn country like South Sudan quickly answer a Freedom of Information request, when the government is in total upheaval?  Even with a nice, little note saying “we’re conducting an international background check on John Doe.  We appreciate the help”, it is unlikely that we would receive a response anywhere close to 7 days.

Privacy laws – Just like every state has unique laws regarding privacy, so do countries.  There is no standard format involved with conducting an international background check, and some types of information can be obtained and others cannot.  For example, in areas of Canada, criminal records check will only include charges the individual was found to be guilty.  Here in the U.S., we can conduct many governmental searches without authorization from an individual and we can submit reasonable requests for information not located online.  While conducting an international background check, an investigator will need to be knowledgeable about the laws regarding their searches, and what results they can provide to you.

Location – In similar way to specified privacy laws, investigators and clients must be aware of the areas they are conducting an international background check.   If an individual owns multiple businesses spanning over different regions, counties, territories, or even countries, information should be gathered from all locations.  A person may list an address as their primary residence but if they were in the military or utilize another address when they conduct business away from home, it is likely that there is information associated with those areas.  An international background check should not simply be running the person’s name through a database, it should require more thought and attention to all aspects of an individual’s life.

If you are in need of an international background check, give us a call.  We can answer all your questions ahead of time and help you through initiating an international background check and try to give you a realistic expectation of the time frame before you make a final decision about assigning the file.  Here at ASG, we have experts on staff with the experience you need and can keep you updated through the whole investigation!

International Background Check





Growing Need for Ohio Background Checks for Job Applicants

There is a growing need for Ohio background checks for job applicants. 2018 has already brought far too many news stories of workplace violence, employee theft, asset misuse, time theft and absenteeism. Unfortunately, many firms inadvertently allow this happen through the use of cheap Ohio background checks for job applicants or failing to use any background check at all.

A properly designed Ohio background check will act a first line of defense in preventing the wrong hire from becoming a hire in the first place. Remember, many of the hires who end up causing havoc inside companies lie about their background when applying. When an employer elects not to perform any type of Ohio background check, they simply leave the door wide open to trouble. Further, in Ohio, like anywhere, word gets around about which companies skip the Ohio background check process, attracting more bad apples to your door.

The Background Screening Industry is Full of Screening Firms that Don’t Search in the Right Places. Call Us Today to Get Real Ohio Background Checks. (855) 997-2800Ohio Background Checks

The really bad news is, many employers in Ohio fall into the trap of thinking that all Ohio background checks are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instant, internet based employee screening is the first red flag. Any company that offers this is selling you some free record searches and possibly some limited criminal history records. What they are not giving you is an Ohio background check that actually makes you safer. There is no way to conduct a complete and accurate employee screening instantly over the internet. Buyer beware. If you’re asking why this is the case, its because the actual records in Ohio are not currently available to be searched online. Its essential to know which, for example, courts within Ohio allow access to their records. Some require an in-person search. Further the records also need to be reviewed, particularly when the applicant’s name is a common one. If someone isn’t reviewing these things, something a computer cannot do, they may report the wrong findings or simply tell you “we located 23 records matching that name but don’t know if those records are for him or not” Thanks for nothing.

Its also important to understand where to look for records when performing an Ohio background check. Take for instance an applicant who lives on the north side of Youngstown. Of source any proper employee screening would include a search for records in Mahoning County, but this applicant could also easily have records in Trumbull. If someone isn’t actually thinking about this applicant and rendering real judgement, that search would not happen. Consider Cincinnati as another example. It would be very easy to only search in Hamilton County, when the applicant could have all kinds of records across the border in Covington, Kentucky.

If you are an employer, we urge you to call us today and discuss how ASG can help you to get real Ohio background checks, with very quick turnaround times that give you actual peace of mind at very affordable pricing. The is confidential and the advice is free.


With Background Checks, It’s All About “Where” to Look

Background checks, whether for employee screening, litigation, investigation or security objectives are often misconstrued to be local to one specific jurisdiction. The scenario often goes something like this: a background check needs to be conducted and the subject currently resides in New York City, so the background is done in New York. This may seem logical, but is likely far too limited.

The truth is, people move around more than at any other time in history, meaning, records pertaining to the average person likely exist beyond where they currently live.

Jurisdiction is everything in background checks

Even when one has not officially registered his/her address somewhere else, many, particularly younger people, “stay” places, some times for many months or even years. These folks have a formal, recognized address, likely at a relatives house, but they don’t live there. In reality, they have created records or their activities where they are staying, but only an abackground checksastute, trained investigator will find those unofficial locations and search there. Those records can reside at the Federal, state, county and local levels. Also consider that many of us travel from county to county daily. In some cities like Memphis, Kansas City, Washington DC or Philadelphia, it is reasonable for a person to cross state lines multiple times each day. This means records can be in many separate locations and would be missed if the search is confined to one local or another. Instant, web based search robots (who make up the majority of this industry) will fail to find these every time.

In the case of employee screening, one can usually only look back 7 years. But for some people, they have lived in multiple states and multiple cities within those states during the course of those 7 years.

Learn more about our background check services. If you are interested in having the most complete, accurate background checks available today, we encourage you to contact our team. We will always take the time to answer your questions and explain specifically where we search and why.

Risk of Leaving Reputational Due Diligence to the Accountants

In an investment decision, the numbers need to work, they need to be accurate and they need to be complete. Validating the accounting and determining the proper valuation of assets and liabilities is essential, and for these tasks, the accountants and analysts are the right experts for the job.  Another aspect, often overlooked, but in some cases even more vital, is the reputational information surrounding companies and individuals known as “reputational due diligence”

This crucial information is discovered through a specific type of background check known as reputational due diligence.reputational due diligence

In many instances, the same accounting experts who work on financial due diligence are the ones being asked to also conduct the reputational due diligence. Unfortunately, there are very few financial analysts or accountants who understand and engage in conducting real reputational due diligence. Instead, they have learned about the commercially available databases that aggregate data on people and spit out 150 pages of raw data, most of which is useless, particularly to those untrained on how to analyze and use it as a starting point of a much more in-depth investigation. These bulk data reports in no way constitute a reputational due diligence investigation.  These same experts also know that the internet can be a great resource for information and they conduct some searches on the web to locate social media or references in news media.  Regrettably, experts in financial analytics and accounting are not experts in uncovering reputational data through both open and closed sources.  Internet profiling and social media investigations as one example have evolved beyond the capabilities of even the best of casual google users, with statistics showing that most of those who use Google are only searching a small percentage of available information on the internet, leaving much information still available to be mined by trained and skilled profilers.

Being that specialized experts such as accountants do not make the best open source researchers due to the complexity of this very small, specialized and unrelated field, a buyer of such services needs to look to an entirely different intelligence gathering industry; and even further so, need to identify those who professionally and expertly conduct reputational due diligence investigations during the normal course of practice.

In some instances, particularly when a buyer is only interested in the company or intellectual property they hold, and not the management team, sales staff or ownership, a basic reputational due diligence investigation may not be necessary to accomplish the desired goal.

When the integrity of management, key executives, directors and related parties does matter, ASG has customized due diligence solutions that can fit your time table and your budget; giving you more actionable information than other resources can.

Reviewing an Employment Background Check

As a potential employer who is conducting and reviewing an employment background check report, trying to screen for applicants with a history of activity that is not conducive to employment with your company, it is important to understand that the employee who provided you with the information used in the background check is the best source for clarification.

In one example, the employee might report one address to you and the search results come up with another. Could be they just never changed their address, could be they still like to use mom’s address for their mail but live with their boy/girl friend or could be they don’t live at either location. Recently we had such an instance and the client called back asking why we reported the address our search uncovered, which was a retail business and not a residence. What is important to remember is that we conduct the right searches, but we do not know what those results will mean to you or the applicant. In some cases, it may not matter where they live, in others, it may indicate that there is more research to be done. The key is your review. We, like any firm conducting employment background checks, do not automatically see a new piece of information and act upon it. We would not automatically research that additional address. Think of it in these terms, a background is like and onion, it can have many layers, but exploration of those deeper layers has to initiated by you the client. In most instances, you the client would ask the prospective employee about the new or conflicting information. If further exploration is merited, you would ask that we do it. The same holds true for a different spelling to a name, a maiden name, a date of birth, education or any other information used in the background check.

Reviewing an employment background check is a crucial step. If you have any questions about the findings in the report, it is vital that you bring them up before you make the hire decision.