10 Reasons Your Competitor’s Iowa Employee Screening Hurts Them

Don't make these Iowa employee screening mistakes

For employers large and small, Iowa employee screening is an essential part of any smart company’s hiring process. The damage that the wrong hire can cause in terms of lost revenue, wasted time, damage to moral, fraud, theft and possibly physical harm to someone is undeniable. But the problem remains that Iowa employee screening is still misunderstood and often misapplied or just plan done incorrectly. The great news is, chances are, if you are an Iowa employer or work in HR in Iowa, your competitors are doing it wrong, and you can leverage that to get an edge on them.

Let’s look at the top 10 Reasons your competitors Iowa employee screening hurts them.

  1. They don’t do any Iowa employee screening. This one is a no-brainer, but many business leaders just don’t get it. They look at the job market as being tight and decide that a live body hired right away is better than the right person hired tomorrow. They assume that the problems that come with a bad hire is something that happens to other businesses, but it won’t happen to them. Good luck with that.
  2. They use the el cheapo background check website they saw on TV. What they don’t know is that the multitude of websites offering background checks on the cheap are nothing more than search bots that scrap the web for free and often grossly outdated information. They don’t provide an actual Iowa employee screening product but let’s not tell them that.
  3. They use Bob the local guy. Almost as bad a choice as the el cheapo websites, the local guy is only a step above. They usually lack the tools and resources to conduct great quality Iowa employee screening, quickly and accurately. In short, your competitor gets some benefit here, but you can do better.
  4. They only search for Iowa felony records. Obviously, no Iowa employee screening platform should skip this, but it is rare to find a recently convicted felon applying for the average job. Instead, your competitors should be looking for the far more common problem records.
  5. They choose the lowest price service. You get what you pay for. Enough said.
  6. They only search for using the information provided by the applicant. One has to use that applicant provided information, but it is equally important to make sure that you look for the real information that they might have omitted, intentionally or otherwise. When your competitor misses this one, it’s a good day for you.
  7. They waste money screening every applicant. In the end, all that matters is that you conduct real Iowa employee screening on those applicant you intend on offering a job to. Don’t let the background check pick the employee, pick the right employee and use the background check to ensure they are as presented.
  8. They just don’t get what predictive behavior means. Most bad employees are not hard core criminals, they are just people who don’t fit well and won’t succeed in your company. To that end, there are often things in their past that are predictive of how they will perform for you today. Ignoring those or misapplying them makes the entire Iowa employee screening process less effective.
  9. They restrict the background check to the state of Iowa. Yes, many people live their entire lives in Iowa, but many don’t and either type of person can have records in other locations. Using an Iowa employee screening service that only looks in Iowa can leave vital data undiscovered.
  10. The use a paper process. Iowa might not be the nations technology hub, but great technology is available to make the Iowa employee screening process very efficient and painless. Low tech, paper-based systems lead to time waste and are prone to mistakes.


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