Job Market Highlights Need for Better Texas Employee Screening Services

When the job market heats up, and no doubt it is smoking hot right now in Texas, more and more people migrate to those jobs and employers who need to fill seats sometimes lower their hiring standards. Those two factors both come with great risk and highlight the need for smart, accurate Texas employee screening practices.

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As the job market has grown in spaces like technology, computer software development, engineering, finance and the like, there is also a massive increase in the number of lower skill jobs, all of which mandate strong Texas employee screening protocols, because just like high paying tech jobs, the workers taking these jobs at even greater risk of encountering unqualified applicants and those who have a dangerous past predictive history. In fact, some of the highest growth jobs requiring at least a basic Texas employee screening filter include positions like home health aides and animal caretakers. These workers are in people’s homes, responsible for their safety, and care for (we hope) our pets. The wrong person in one of these positions can do a great deal of harm if not vetted properly.

When HR departments are tasked to add lots of new staff quickly, it can be a challenge, particularly in competitive fields. When an applicant who appears to have the right skill set and work history becomes available, the reaction is to act swiftly to get them before someone else does. That’s a natural reaction, but one should never lower the requirements that they pass a real Texas employee screening background check. As any experience HR professional knows, the true cost to on-board, train and ultimately fire an employee who was the wrong fit, for whatever reason, is far more expensive and disruptive than the lost opportunity cost associated with picking a substandard applicant.

Another critical component of good Texas employee screening is that it factors in the reality that many people come from outside of Texas to participate in the booming economy. They al have a past somewhere else and that past needs to be uncovered to protect your staff, customers, assets and reputation. Many Texas employee screening providers will limit their search to the state boundaries. Considering that some of these new residents left somewhere else because they wanted to leave a troubled past behind them, failing to check the complete past equates to taking on significant new risk. This shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly in the case of Texas employers. Recent statistics report that the state’s population has grown by over 4 million people in the last 10 years. This means that these new residents are literally everywhere.


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