Getting a Complete Detroit Background Check

Like with most things, you get what you pay for and often its very unclear what you are getting. This is especially true when hiring an investigator to produce a complete Detroit background check.

The internet has basically made a complete mess of the background check industry. As more and more websites offering the latest, instant super Detroit background check, it has become increasingly more difficult for the consumer to determine which provider they should use and how much they should spend on a real Detroit background check.

A real Detroit background check is only as good as the firm that produces it. Go with an expert, not a flashy website. Detroit Background Check

A large part of the reason that it is so difficult is because the background check industry is unregulated. Literally, someone can be released from a Michigan prison and can open a Detroit background check company the same day. Not very reassuring. Added to that is the fact that most people don’t understand that a Detroit “background check” can be made of whatever searches the background check company decides to run. In other words, if they decide to only search for free public records located online, then records can, and likely will, be missed. What these companies end up selling you is something their software spits out at no cost them. It is not a real Detroit background check and, if you take the time to read the fine print in their agreement, it has a great disclaimer that says they are not responsible to look beyond those places they choose. If records exist elsewhere, they are not obligated to look for them (aka, “We’re here for the cash, not to protect you”). The final “main” reason that its so difficult to select a real Detroit background check from the sea of offerings on the internet is because the industry goes to great lengths to hide what they actually do (or don’t do for that matter). This has become so ingrained, that for you, the random consumer, the term “background check” has morphed into a generic idea that all background checks are alike and equal. Just get a Detroit background check. There are all the same, so just get the fastest and lowest price. Unfortunately, the industry has used this change in perception to its advantage to raise profits and deliver less to the unknowing client.

Detroit has approximately a quarter million businesses, consists of 5.5 million people covering 6 counties and dozens of cities. This creates a mind-boggling number of records about people and their background. It can’t be searched easily and instantly by a website in Silicon Valley. But it can be searched quickly and economically by expert private investigators who understand where information resides, how to get it and how to report it you.

Don’t be fooled into wasting your money, your time and ending up with a false sense of security that you received a real Detroit background check. Go with the experts. Call ASG Today at 855-678-8282


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