Fake Degrees Big Problems

Fake Degrees, Real Money, Big Problems.


In May 2015, former employee turned whistleblower Yasir Jamshaid revleaed a number of startling facts about Pakistani tech firm Axact who, according to Jamshaid have produced approximately 200,000 fake degrees.  Some customers were aware that they were purchasing an instant degree while others were manipulated into enrollment in collegiate coursework that never materialized.  Many still were coaxed into accepting advanced degrees based solely on their own life experiences.


Fake degrees and the ‘diploma mill’ industry are nothing new.  Fraudulent credentials have been a problem for centuries, however the advent of the internet has caused the number of institutions offering such degrees to skyrocket.  Intuitions like Rochville University offered fake credentials and even assist with immigration requirements.  We at ASG actually had dealings with Rochville University (before the Axact fiasco was uncovered).  Our attempts to verify an applicant’s education went as smoothly as any other request, however our trained investigator noticed some discrepancies in the official documentation and started to dig into the situation.  Luckily our investigator was able to explain the situation to the client before any harm could be done.


Many other investigative agencies or online verification authorities may have missed the tell-tale signs of a diploma mill.  Having a trained investigator handle every case is our biggest differentiator.  ASG wants you to feel safe and secure in the knowledge obtained on your pre-employment screening.


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