Screening Companies Ordered to Pay $13 Million Fine

A report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau details the infractions that lead to a $13 million dollar settlement against General Information Services and  The two screening companies were found in violation of the FCRA by providing unverified, inaccurate background information.  A report auditing system was not in place and as a result, the two companies marked misdemeanor convictions as felony convictions, as well as released dismissed or expunged records to potential employers thus causing harm to otherwise qualified applicants.  FCRA regulations state that dismissed information and most data older than 7 years are not eligible to be reported on a pre-employment screening.

At ASG we have a team of trained investigators who work diligently to verify all information reported on a background investigation.  Not only will applicants attempt to obfuscate the truth, some will go so far as to lie on their release forms in order to avoid criminal suspicion.

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