Your Reason to do A Background Check

There are endless reasons to do a background check on an individual or a business.  This may range from need for criminal records, commercial records, financial records, and beyond.

The most common reason to do a background check is for employment purposes, essentially conducting a detailed background check on an individual before they are offered a position. This is also known as employee screening and pre-employment background checks. You need to protect yourself and your company from liability issues and a background check can give you the knowledge before making a hiring decision. Some people will provide a false date of birth, social security number, even a name to avoid having their true past uncovered. No one wants someone who lies on an application working for them; if they lie on an application what would stop them from lying at the company? The reasons to do a background check are almost endless. The most common types of criminal records that we discover while conducting a criminal record check portion of a background check include: drunk driving convictions, drug crime related convictions, assault and domestic violence, theft (whether from a workplace or retail), fraud, larceny, weapons, the traffic violations of the individual, embezzlement, and burglary. Additionally, when it comes to kids and it shows that you owe a lot of child support you will fail the background check.

Its not hard to think of a great reason to do a background check.

Reason to do a Background Check

As you likely already know, it’s not just about applying for a job. There are numerous drivers to get hire an agency like ours to help. For instance, law school graduates who are preparing to sit for the bar exam have a significant reason to do a background check on themselves. It is essential to know what the state bar association will find when they run your background to determine if you are fit to be an attorney. Additionally, background checks are also used for tenant screening. No landlord wants a dangerous or deadbeat tenant. When it comes to in-home employment that involves child care, babysitting or even a nanny for your kid, you don’t want someone taking care of your kids who isn’t fit to watch them. That’s why, when it comes to children, you don’t need to work too hard to think of a good reason to do a background check.

Additionally, a great reason to do a background check is when you are engaged in online dating. So, the next time a friend says, before you give them your real information, “we must do a background check on him,” you definitely do. A big reason to do a background check is to make sure you are not getting into a relationship with a creep!  That person may be mysterious and alluring but what parts of their past are they hiding?  Sex offenders and people with intense criminal backgrounds are something you should know upfront.

Another reason to do a background check is when your church, association or trade group has a need for volunteers and seasonal workers. Lots of good people volunteer to help, but what happens if you let the wolf in and a dangerous person injures or steals while volunteering? Think of the damage to your group’s reputation and of the regret you and many other will have for not screening the volunteers. That is a great reason to do a background check.

No matter what your reason to do a background check is, we are here to help. The process is easy, fast and affordable. Call us today.



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