Top 5 Private Investigator FAQ’s

Private Investigator FAQsThere are many common misconceptions regarding what a private investigator really is. We are not a law enforcement entity that can kick down the front door of criminal’s residence; rather, we are a privately owned and operated company that has established a good reputation for locating individuals and producing the results that our clients are looking for. We are often asked many of the same questions by individuals that are not in the field.


1). How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

Well, that question is not as cut and dry as many would like. This cost of the investigation depends on many things: the type of investigation, the investigators time, the investigators tools & resources, and for surveillance- mileage.  We can tailor an investigation to include or exclude whatever elements you would like often times to meet a specific goal or even a specific price point.


2). What do private investigators really do?

A better question is what do we not do. We conduct background investigations, social media investigations, locate investigations, pre-employment background checks, asset investigations, child support investigations, surveillance, and much more. Private investigators often times work for attorneys, assisting with litigation processes and serving individuals with civil processes. They also work for businesses suspecting various forms of theft, fraud, misconduct and more. If the service your requiring was not listed, give us a call and we would be happy to see how we can assist you.


3). Are we licensed private investigators?

We get this question almost every other call and it is understandable. Why would you choose a Google search over having a licensed individual perform whichever investigation you are in needing? Having said that, yes, we are licensed private investigators in the State of Michigan.


4). I think my spouse is having an affair, how do I prove it?

Unfortunately, we receive these calls all too often, but this means that we are familiar with conducting these types of investigations. We can search his residential history for any unknown or new addresses. We can search his social media account for any evidence of this type of occurrence. Also, surveillance is a good option to obtain real-life photos and videos of anything that happens on the day(s) of surveillance. Our clients are provided with all results we attain.


5). Can we obtain expunged records?

We are good, but not that good. We can not obtain expunged records. We may be able to obtain a written document from the court stating the record was expunged; however, that will be the only information we would be able to obtain regarding an expunged record. In many cases, a court will not acknowledge the existence of any record with that court if it has been expunged.


We understand there are many questions you still may have so please give us a call today!


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