Growing Need for Ohio Background Checks for Job Applicants

There is a growing need for Ohio background checks for job applicants. 2018 has already brought far too many news stories of workplace violence, employee theft, asset misuse, time theft and absenteeism. Unfortunately, many firms inadvertently allow this happen through the use of cheap Ohio background checks for job applicants or failing to use any background check at all.

A properly designed Ohio background check will act a first line of defense in preventing the wrong hire from becoming a hire in the first place. Remember, many of the hires who end up causing havoc inside companies lie about their background when applying. When an employer elects not to perform any type of Ohio background check, they simply leave the door wide open to trouble. Further, in Ohio, like anywhere, word gets around about which companies skip the Ohio background check process, attracting more bad apples to your door.

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The really bad news is, many employers in Ohio fall into the trap of thinking that all Ohio background checks are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instant, internet based employee screening is the first red flag. Any company that offers this is selling you some free record searches and possibly some limited criminal history records. What they are not giving you is an Ohio background check that actually makes you safer. There is no way to conduct a complete and accurate employee screening instantly over the internet. Buyer beware. If you’re asking why this is the case, its because the actual records in Ohio are not currently available to be searched online. Its essential to know which, for example, courts within Ohio allow access to their records. Some require an in-person search. Further the records also need to be reviewed, particularly when the applicant’s name is a common one. If someone isn’t reviewing these things, something a computer cannot do, they may report the wrong findings or simply tell you “we located 23 records matching that name but don’t know if those records are for him or not” Thanks for nothing.

Its also important to understand where to look for records when performing an Ohio background check. Take for instance an applicant who lives on the north side of Youngstown. Of source any proper employee screening would include a search for records in Mahoning County, but this applicant could also easily have records in Trumbull. If someone isn’t actually thinking about this applicant and rendering real judgement, that search would not happen. Consider Cincinnati as another example. It would be very easy to only search in Hamilton County, when the applicant could have all kinds of records across the border in Covington, Kentucky.

If you are an employer, we urge you to call us today and discuss how ASG can help you to get real Ohio background checks, with very quick turnaround times that give you actual peace of mind at very affordable pricing. The is confidential and the advice is free.



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