5 Tips for Employers Looking for a Real Tennessee Background Check

The good news for employers looking for a real Tennessee background check is that you have some reliable vendors to choose from. The bad news is, the internet is full of really bad choices from websites offering a Tennessee background check that is anything but complete or accurate. The digital revolution has helped make many attributes of the employee background check process easier and faster, and it’s true that more of the sources of public records are allowing online search capabilities. That’s all great news for those of us who produce a Tennessee background check. Unfortunately, this has lead to a large number of computer programmers jumping into the business who create websites that search the online based records “instantly” and disguise that limited search as a real background check. They have great lawyers write up the user agreement you accept, and the agreement protects them from you if anything goes wrong and it also explains that they look for records in limited places. They never tell you just how few records their process actually searches. That leaves you in the dark as to whether you received a reliable background check or if you just hired someone you would not have if you had known.

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5 Tips To Finding the Right Employee Background Check Screening Firm:

Don’t Trust “Instant” Real, complete, accurate employee screening that you can rely upon is simply not available instantly. Some searches can be done, but the sources of records are simply not there yet. In fact, its not even close. As soon as it is, were there, but its not here now.

Don’t Trust Low Fixed Price Offers like $19.95. One size does not fit all. Were not saying that some level of employees may only require a limited criminal history search, we are saying that these blanket, low priced offers are likely basked up by free, junk searches and are not reliable.

Don’t Pay a “Sign Up” or “Membership” fee. Big employee background check firms don’t like small business accounts. They will take your money, but they really want large employers, so they add fees to begin working with them. Its not necessary to pay that extra. Pay for the searches you need and don’t commit to a minimum number of searches either. It’s just a money grab.

Look for an Actual Private Investigative Agency. The private investigators on TV don’t do many background checks, but the large, professional agencies who do understand records and offer professional review of you Tennessee background check. They are also licensed and insured, as opposed to a firm that only does background checks and could be run by anyone, qualified and educated or otherwise.

Look for a NAPBS Member. In some cases, membership in a professional association only involves writing a small check. That is not the case with NAPBS who limits membership to credible, responsible companies.

At ASG, we pride ourselves on being a great Tennessee background check resource for small and mid-sized employers from Memphis to Nashville to Knoxville and everywhere in-between. We work with some of the best companies in the state and are proud to be able to help our clients get the right people on board, quickly and with the reassurance that the background check we provided can be relied upon.

For more information on our Tennessee Background check services for employers, visit our Employee Screening page. If you are interested in getting a Tennessee background check for any reason other than hiring and employee please visit our Background Check page.

As always, a consultation with one of our investigators comes with no obligation. We are happy to help you understand the process, cost, capabilities and time associated with any level of background check. Of course, there is no obligation to hire from us and no catch. Please feel free to call us anytime at 855-997-2800


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