The Colorado Background Check Scam

People need to know the truth. Whenever someone is considering getting a Colorado background check performed, they automatically expect that it will be thorough, accurate and reliable. Unfortunately, things have changed for the worse. Many times, particularly if you are looking for a Colorado background check provider on the internet, you are very likely to find instant, online background check providers who have websites that look professional, but who sell a very inferior product and you never know that you ended up buying junk instead of a real Colorado background check.

The Colorado Background Check Scam

Here how it happens:

As more records enter the online world, and as more Colorado record keepers, like courts, police departments, municipalities, state government offices and the like begin to make their information searchable, computer programmers have figured out that it is fairly simple to write code to search some of these records instantly. You would normally think that this should make it easier to produce a Colorado background check. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way.

The problem lies in that the free records that are available to search this way is a much smaller percentage then the records that are not available. Many of the major repositories of records, like large county courts and police arrest records, simply cant be searched instantly and for free. What these online, website only “Colorado background check companies”, which are usually just a computer chugging away and have no staff, figured out is that they don’t have to tell you where they searched. They can search these few free, online records and give you any results that happen to be included in that small set of records, and you the customer, are none the wiser. You have no idea where they should search. Why would you? You expect that when someone advertises that they can provide a Colorado background check, they are giving you a real, meaningful search.

What can make it worse?

Well, another big problem with these websites offering cheap Colorado background checks is that their software will search for records using the information you enter, but it has no way to catch things that are wrong. What if the persons real name if different? What if a name is spelled differently? In short, it just gives you back a negative response and it totally misses the records that are actually out there.

Another big problem with these junk Colorado background check sites is that the search software is that the records that they find usually don’t have specific enough information to confirm that they match your specific person. Think about common names. If a common name like Mary Jones is searched in Denver Court Court, there maybe 100+ records that come back, but the automated search platform cant tell you if they belong to your person or to someone else. What good does that do you?

The last major problem with these unreliable, computerized Colorado background check sites is that many of the records they do search come from old information. The way it can work is, some courts and records keepers sell data to brokers in large blocks, and they do this periodically. These brokers buy all the records, perhaps once every couple of years, and then resell it to these shady “Colorado background check” sites, who in turn sell it to you. Once again, they never tell you that they data is second hand, and old. Why should they? They don’t care if your happy. They don’t care if your safe. They don’t care why you needed the information. What they do care about is that they gave you something nearly valueless and got $29.95 in profit without anyone lifting a finger. A computer just sat in the corner humming away.

So in the end, if you are looking for a Colorado background check, you are likely being scammed. You are getting a watered down, incomplete search. You are also likely to have records missed and even when they find records, they can’t tell you with any certainty that they match your person or someone else with that name.

If you are interested in obtaining a REAL Colorado background check, you can find detailed information about our services and how we can get you real information, quickly and affordably here: Colorado Background Checks 


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