Why No One Conducts a Real New York Background Check

When it matters, and you need a real New York background check, one that actually looks for all the records, not just the on-line ones, and verifies those records, you have very few places to go for help. Please don’t misunderstand. You will see all kinds of offers for a “real” New York background check on the web.  They will have catchy slogans, good looking graphics and some may even entice you with low prices and “instant” results. Unfortunately, that’s more smoke and mirrors and these firms prey on the fact that you don’t know the difference.

The New York region is like no other and a canned, automated background check that actually locates all the records, from the numerous places that they are found does not exist. This is particularly true for high net worth individuals living in New York.

Few Firms are Willing to Do All the Work Required to Conduct a Complete New York Background Check. Its More Profitable to Stick to the Easy Searches

Why No One Conducts a Real New York Background Check

The wealthy simply live differently than the rest of us and the New York City region has a disproportionate number of wealthy people. They have proxies who do many things for them. They can afford to have more of their privacy protected. This simply ups the standards dramatically when trying to conduct a New York background check on them. The cheap web-based search offering simply can’t do these correctly. Only a professional investigative agency can, are those are few and far between.

Common names in New York create many seemingly similar records that often need to be hand searched to verify if they are connected to your subject or someone else.

People often automatically think of the five boroughs, but much of the population of the metro New York area resides beyond them. It is also important to understand that the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island are basically five separate counties within the city. This adds layers of government, and more records that they each create.

The entire metro-region contains a staggering twenty-one million people, which makes for this the most difficult part of the country to conduct a complete, accurate background check. These people are not all located in New York, with many residing in neighboring Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In total, the New York metropolitan area contains 31 separate cities that need to be searched.

When Results and Confidentiality Matter More than Cost, ASG Offers the Most Comprehensive New York Background Check in the Industry

Over twenty five percent of New York’s population is comprised of immigrants, which further complicates the search process. If you subject has immigrated from somewhere else, that likely requires the search to be extended to wherever they came from. A massive number of people from this population also share housing, living with others and moving often, within America’s high population density environment. This makes the records they leave behind more fragmented and scarce. A New York background check expert can sort through these and track them back to the subject, a database search can’t.

If you are in need a New York real background check that produces verifiable information that can hold up in court, call ASG today or visit our New York Background Check page. We are a Michigan based professional investigative agency that guarantees the confidentiality of our work by law, not just a promise. 855-997-2800.


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