The Valueless Chicago Background Check

If you need information on who someone really is, what trouble they have actually gotten into, if there reported accomplishments are legitimate, identifying other people they have a history with, you need a real Chicago background check, but the internet offers you very little help.

Here’s why:

  • Many unemployed computer programmers have built a website offering an instant Chicago background check. Their program searches incomplete, free public records and dumps the output into report format, calling it a Chicago background check.
  • These websites usually look very professional. (In fact, the marketing is the most professional part!)
  • They offer an extensive number of “instant” searches, which means that a piece of software is doing the searching blindly and again is only searching a limited number of sources. Instant is incomplete.
  • They have cool animation that implies the website is thinking while searching for important records across Chicago and the rest of the country. This is smoke and mirrors.
  • The most comprehensive part of their report is the legal disclaimer, which basically says you cannot reply on their report!

If we break down what these instant Chicago background check search sites really offer, it is far less impressive then their graphics and is likely to make you mad how they present themselves to get at your money.

Most Chicago Background Check Sites are Valueless Because They Don’t Search Most of the Sources of Real Records. (Something They Fail to Mention) Its All About Selling Your Free Information They Scrap from the Web!


At just under 10 Million people, the Chicago, Naperville, Elgin region is one of the nations largest and contains an almost unrivaled number of public records. The region includes both Illinois and North Western Indiana. This makes a real Chicago background check include records from both states, numerous counties and then an even larger number of cities. These records are not available to find in one or two simple searches. That idea comes from Hollywood. In reality, each of the record keepers has their own system. Some can be searched online, some charge a fee to search, others require an in-person search. In some systems, you can search the name, but the you have to come in to view the actual record. Even Cook County, by far the regions largest generator of records, is difficult to search and not available for instant, free online searching. One of the few free helpful searches is the Chicago Police Arrest Search. Why pay some website to search that when you can do it yourself?

Likely one of the most frustrating parts of these valueless, instant Chicago background check reports is the number of “possible” records they provide. They literally tell you that they have identified a possible record matching your subject, but they don’t have enough information to determine if it is a real match or not. This leaves you with nothing but doubt and nothing more to do. You simply wonder if this is your person or not?

Don’t be fooled. If you need a real Chicago background check performed, expert help is available. ASG is a leading professional investigative agency. More information can be found on our Chicago background check services click here and you can always call us at 855-997-2800 to speak with a real investigator.



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