A Real Pennsylvania Background Check

A real Pennsylvania background check requires much more than instant, online background check websites offer.

In the age of instant information, everyone wants to be able to order things on their mobile and get instant delivery. Unfortunately, many sites offing a Pennsylvania background check provide that instant delivery, but they fail to tell you just where they are looking for records and, more importantly, where they are not! This leaves many customers in the dark. They think they purchased a real background check, but in reality, all they got is a limited number of free public records. Meanwhile, the real records, that can’t be accessed online for free or instantly are simply not part of their search. (They don’t advertise that particular fact.) We suppose it’s a “buyer beware” world, but we don’t like that model and instead offer our clients a real Pennsylvania background check that covers all the records you want, not just the old, free ones.

A Real Pennsylvania Background CheckTop 3 Tips for Selecting a Pennsylvania Background Check Firm

  1. If they offer instant results, it is not a real background check
  2. If they don’t have a telephone advertised for you to actually call them and discuss your needs, with an actual professional investigator, its not going to be a real background check and likely no one on their end will ever look at your report. A piece of software will create it and the contents maybe wrong.
  3. If the firm cannot offer you complete, legally enforceable confidentiality, they are not a real background check provider.

Why a Pennsylvania Background Check Requires an Expert to Produce:

As one of the original colonies, beginning back in 1681, Pennsylvania has a very old, multi-level system of government and courts. Local and county level records are plentiful and in many, many cases not offered via the web or for free. It also has one of the most complicated court systems in the world, with higher and lower courts, part time courts and courts with over 50 sitting judges! It is one of the most complex environments to conduct a background check in the country.

Our team of real professional investigators know what records are found in which places and how to get them. We have experience and expertise in this area and can help you to understand what types of information can be searched for and to determine if that search if meaningful to you, before you spend one cent. The people who get into trouble understand that the system is complicated, and they know that many background check firms don’t look where they have records, and they use that to manipulate and victimize others.

For those who think that real background check may not be necessary, consider these crime statistics from 2016 which report that Pennsylvania had over 174,000 larcenies and thefts, over 23,000 assaults, over 222,000 property crimes and over 40,000 violent crimes. Allentown, Bethlehem , Darby, Erie, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Norristown, Reading and York all have high crime statistics, along with the largest and most dangerous cities, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

We understand that you, like everyone, wants the results fast. The great news is that tea, can get you quick results because we have extensive experience and volume, allowing us to get you a real Pennsylvania background check with verified information in less time and at a lower cost.

Call us today. The call is free and strictly confidential! 855-678-7200


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