Catfishing and Fake Dating Profile Scams


An Investigator’s Insight into Spotting Fake Internet Profiles Catfishing attempts and people being contacted via fake online dating profiles is all too common in our line of work.  A person meets another person online, romance ensues, trust builds, yet something just does not seem right! If your intuition is telling you that you need a … Read more

Why are People Nervous to Hire a Private Investigator?

Why are people nervous to hire Private Investigator

While it is understandable to be nervous about hiring a private investigator, you should conduct your own initial research in finding the right firm that works for you. Spend time in speaking with multiple private investigators to get a better feel of their work ethic, expertise, and professionalism. There are many reasons why someone would … Read more

Top 5 Private Investigator FAQ’s

Private Investigator FAQs

There are many common misconceptions regarding what a private investigator really is. We are not a law enforcement entity that can kick down the front door of criminal’s residence; rather, we are a privately owned and operated company that has established a good reputation for locating individuals and producing the results that our clients are … Read more

Why Hire a Private Investigator for Surveillance?

Why hire a PI for Surveillance

Breaking the Stigma of Hiring a Private Investigator to do Surveillance I’m here to expose private investigators and the true potential they hold as professionals! If you’ve been thinking about utilizing an investigator for surveillance but just haven’t found the right push, then this is for you. If you have hired a PI in the … Read more

How to Choose an Investigative Agency

A quick search of a private investigator or an investigative agency can pull up a wide variety of options, from individual PI’s to large security firms. In fact, if you search on Google, you will be given the local PI’s near the top of the list. Choosing from this list can be intimidating, especially if … Read more

Social Media Investigations: What to do when a Subject Isn’t on Social Media

Social Media Investigations at ASG Investigations

What are social media investigations many would ask?  This is an in-depth analysis with the diligence put forth by experts on identifying social media platforms and scraping the internet for information, including general web references on the subject in question.  More importantly, this can benefit clients from different industries, including the need of a social media … Read more

What does it Mean to be a Private Investigator?

What does it mean to be a private investigator

For many people, a private investigator takes the undertone of what we see in pop culture. These shows often depict investigators as people who are obvious to spot; maybe a guy wearing a trench coat in his car with a camera following a “cheating husband.” For some Private Investigators, this is true, but for the … Read more


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