International Background Checks – Initial Considerations

International Background Checks

Unsurprisingly, conducting an international background check requires consideration to many more factors than a standard background check.  Whether you are screening employees crossing the border from Canada or conducting international due diligence investigations before investing in Korean companies, it is worth the time and effort to complete these checks.  As experts in this area, we … Read more

Growing Need for Ohio Background Checks for Job Applicants

Ohio Background Checks

There is a growing need for Ohio background checks for job applicants. 2018 has already brought far too many news stories of workplace violence, employee theft, asset misuse, time theft and absenteeism. Unfortunately, many firms inadvertently allow this happen through the use of cheap Ohio background checks for job applicants or failing to use any … Read more

With Background Checks, It’s All About “Where” to Look

Background checks, whether for employee screening, litigation, investigation or security objectives are often misconstrued to be local to one specific jurisdiction. The scenario often goes something like this: a background check needs to be conducted and the subject currently resides in New York City, so the background is done in New York. This may seem … Read more

Risk of Leaving Reputational Due Diligence to the Accountants

reputational due diligence

In an investment decision, the numbers need to work, they need to be accurate and they need to be complete. Validating the accounting and determining the proper valuation of assets and liabilities is essential, and for these tasks, the accountants and analysts are the right experts for the job.  Another aspect, often overlooked, but in … Read more

Why an Arizona Background Check May Be the Most Complicated of All

Arizona Background Check

To many, a background check is a background, no matter where one is conducting it, but an Arizona background check encompasses the complete mix of varied, unique environments and some provocative neighbors that, when combined becomes the perfect storm. As professional investigators who specialize in background checks and complex investigations, ASG has learned that an … Read more

Reviewing an Employment Background Check


As a potential employer who is conducting and reviewing an employment background check report, trying to screen for applicants with a history of activity that is not conducive to employment with your company, it is important to understand that the employee who provided you with the information used in the background check is the best … Read more

Fake Degrees Big Problems

Fake Degrees, Real Money, Big Problems.   In May 2015, former employee turned whistleblower Yasir Jamshaid revleaed a number of startling facts about Pakistani tech firm Axact who, according to Jamshaid have produced approximately 200,000 fake degrees.  Some customers were aware that they were purchasing an instant degree while others were manipulated into enrollment in … Read more

Screening Companies Ordered to Pay $13 Million Fine

A report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau details the infractions that lead to a $13 million dollar settlement against General Information Services and  The two screening companies were found in violation of the FCRA by providing unverified, inaccurate background information.  A report auditing system was not in place and as a result, the … Read more


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