Client Expectations when Investigating Non-Compete Agreement Violations

Managing client expectations when investigating non-compete agreement violations can be a major concern for attorneys. Lets face it, clients, and in particular business owners, take a former employee’s violation of a non-compete agreement very personally. Emotions run high and, unfortunately, so can imaginations. As their attorney, you are placed in difficult position when investigating non-compete agreement violations. The clients truly believe that the agreement has been violated, but often lack actual proof for you to use. You are rightly concerned about bringing a suit without adequate proofs and sending a threatening letter may lead to the alleged violator calling your bluff or working diligently to erase their footprints. investigating non-compete agreement violations

As professional investigators who are experienced at investigating non-compete agreement violations, we can appreciate that what a client “believes” may not always be real. When a false or unverifiable belief is matched up with high client expectations, the lawyer usually pays the price when reality and disappointment arrive. That leaves the attorney with a tough decision at the onset. Like it or not, your client will expect that you have a solid, go-to investigator who has extensive experience investigating non-compete agreement violations who can help. Who should you turn to? You can hope to get a reliable referral to a private investigator that has worked out previously or you can look for an expert private investigator on your on. The problem is that no private investigator will want to pass up your case, so all profess to be “experts”. This includes those who will simply subcontract your case to the cheapest investigator they can find to those who have little or no real experience investigating non-compete agreement violations, but tell you otherwise. In short, the PI is not interested in the preservation of your relationship with your client. They simply want a case.

At ASG, we have a team of professionals who focus on investigating non-compete agreement violations and we have an active book of business which allows us to become true practicing experts. If you or your client is in need of a professional private investigator to assist you in investigating non-compete agreement violations, please visit our service page and contact one of our team members to discuss how we can add value.


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