Paralegal Using Detroit Private Investigator


detorit paralegalAcknowledging our clients and the pleasure we derive from being able to serve a community is very important to us. In today’s legal environment, we find that many times, the paralegals are the ones who end up doing lots of the heavy lifting. Part of their tasks can often include engaging the right professional investigator. As a paralegal using a Detroit private investigator, you face the challenge of finding an agency with the right mix of expertise, professionalism, and price. At ASG, we strive to be a leader in the investigative service space and in particular in the litigation support role that many private investigators are simply not familiar with.

Some of the services that we provide for paralegals and litigators include locating people, conducting asset searches, interviewing witnesses, securing records and evidence, conducting surveillance and of course preparing background checks and conducting due diligence. As our paralegal client base has grown, we have truly come to appreciate what paralegals do and how valuable and skilled they are. We salute those paralegals in the Detroit area who choose us and who are such exceptional stewards to their firm’s clients.