Why Your Legal Team Needs Professional Investigative Services

Surprises can be fun, unless they occur in the courtroom or while you’re preparing for a case. Adding professional investigative services agency to your legal team can eliminate unwelcome surprises and provide unique new documentation, witnesses or evidence you need to win cases. In fact, private investigators are often an attorney’s best legal resource. professional investigative services

Gather Irrefutable Evidence – Quickly and Thoroughly

While in-house legal support can gather pertinent information using public databases and internet searches, professional investigative services that specialize in legal matters have access to extensive research outlets. For instance, in-depth digital trails and offline activities can be more thoroughly and accurately documented by a private investigator.

While paralegals and legal assistants are valuable members of your team, they can be limited in their resources and time when it comes to research. Hiring a private investigative agency allows you to do customized, scalable due diligence for every case you have and ensures that you will be in possession of the most in-depth information possible. This can be especially important for those cases that are not straightforward, but require extensive, detailed and challenging fact-gathering.

Having the most in-depth information can help you:

  • Ensure that discovery is complete and accurate
  • Uncover information about your opponent, confidentially and legitimately
  • Determine the strength of a case
  • Manage client expectations

Track Down Witnesses and Assets

Finding people can be a tedious and frustrating use of your legal team’s time. However, private investigators are experts at tracking down people. Using advanced investigative tools, professional investigative agency that specializes in witness location can find hard-to-locate subjects. Additionally, the information you receive from investigators is thorough, including current and previous mailing addresses, physical residence, phone numbers, place of employment, and other pertinent contact information.

Locating assets can also be a time-consuming, but necessary task. Asset searches provide answers about a person’s financial standing – sometimes confirming whether it’s worth your time, effort and expense to sue them at all. If you’re already in the midst of litigation, an asset search can inform your case. Either way, private investigators understand the way assets are moved, titled and deeded, which helps them to uncover them expediently.

Using a professional investigative agency to conduct an asset search can benefit you pre-litigation, during litigation and post-litigation by:

  • Learning what tangible assets are in a person’s name (e.g., homes vehicles, businesses, etc.).
  • Watching the assets to ensure the debtor does not attempt to move or conceal them to avoid collection.
  • Identify collectible assets.
  • Determine if the debtor has already concealed or attempted to conceal assets to avoid detection.
  • Discover if the debtors have other outstanding liabilities or liens (e.g., other lawsuits, foreclosures, tax liens, fines, etc.).
  • Determine where you may fall priority-wise in the line of collectors.

(For more information on asset searches, read “12 Reasons to Conduct Asset Searches.”)

Save Time and Money

Most law firms are extremely busy. You undoubtedly have dozens of cases that require your attention, and as an attorney, your time is dedicated to all facets of legal responsibilities. Meanwhile, a private investigative services agency has one goal – to carry out an investigation from start to finish, as meticulously as possible. They have the time and focus to get the information you need, in the right format, and in a time-sensitive manner so you can carry out your duties without interruption.

And because professional legal investigators are experts in this area, they can often complete these tasks more expediently than costly paralegals, freeing these team members to do other important tasks.

Rely on a Valuable Legal Partner

Ultimately, the more information you have, the stronger your case and arguments will be. Relying on the expertise of a private investigative agency can unearth important evidence, confirm information and expand intelligence. Nearly all areas of law and litigation can benefit from the comprehensive inquiries, explorations and observations conducted by a private investigator, from civil cases to criminal defense.

Using discreet, exhaustive and impartial measures, a private investigative agency can become a valuable member of any legal team. Professional investigative services will work closely with and under the direction of legal counsel to give you the edge you need to win more cases.

Whatever area of law you practice, the legal team at ASG Investigations can assist you. Our methods of unearthing necessary documentation, witnesses or evidence are done meticulously and in accordance with legal needs so the information we collect is usable in a court of law. ASG Investigations is a full-service investigative agency with over 15 years of experience employing highly-experienced legal investigators to provide you with high-quality litigation support. Call us at 888-677-9700 to discuss your cases and find out how our professional investigative services, legal experts and litigation support investigators can uniquely supplement your work and add robust value to your in-house legal efforts. You can also visit us at https://asginvestigations.com/



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